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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post :-D

I will be as specific as I can, but this is in my ideal world and so I am very flexible and in the end would settle for a basic cage or anyting in between that I could afford and that is "doable" as I have been trying to get this done since they were babies (over 3 years ago! Lonnng story...). I could also provide a couple of links on recommendations for some of the materials and some guidlelines to follow if need be etc (heat and water resistant etc)

Ok, so here is what I am ultimately looking for. An enclosure that looks decent enough to have in the livingroom or whereever since I dont have an enormous house and they take up a considerable amount of space.

It should be about 3.5-4 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1.5-2 feet tall. Ideally I would really like for them to be in a half-octagon shape (flat back to sit against a wall, but jutting out sort of (if that is not clear, I think I have an electronic draft of a picture that someone else made a while ago). I would like for it to have sliding doors in the front and glass/acrylic on each of the sides other than the back. Ideally each of these panels would be able to slide out so I could replace at least a couple of them with a screen panel on occasion, and it may make it easier to clean, but I am pretty flexible with that. Substrate is a highly heated topic in the lizard world, but am thinking that I might want some kind of polished pretty tile on the bottom, but maybe just melamine or I may end up using repti-carpet. Ideally also, I would like a built in ramp with a sandbox as the platform to that ramp. Of course it would need a couple of built in air vents and possible a couple of gromets for lighting and heating needs. There are a couple of websites too - though I know this is not exactly the carpentry aspect - that have instructions on how to built these built in caves and ledges from styrofoam and grout, but if worst came to worst, I could always do that myself later.

I know i am asking for a lot, but again and am flexible. I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination and would really like to get them done for like a couple of hundred each if at all possible. Thanks for reading (and responding?) to my post.
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