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Just wanted to post a note describing my great experience with Beall Tools. I bought a Tilt Box a few years ago, which I found useful for many things. Recently, the thing started acting up - it would read ok on a tilt; however when level, the display would jump around wildly. It did seem to stabilize after a while, though, so because it was over a year old, I figured that I could live with the problem. One day, when things were not going right, the TB's behavior was the last straw so I wrote Beall Tool and asked if there was anything that I could do.

JR Beall emailed me back in less than an hour and recommend calibrating (which I had already done) and if that didn't work, send it back for replacement. No questions about age, abuse, receipts, ... nothing.

Anyhow, sent it back last Saturday and got the new one yesterday.

Great folks, the Bealls.

Ken Massingale

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Yes they are Gazzer. I called with a question this afternoon and everyone had left except the nice lady who answered the phone. She couldn't help me but paged J.R and got him on the phone at home.
Sounded like he was smacking down on a drumstick or something, but we resolved the question.
I placed the order online at 2:09 and they shipped it at 3:30. All of the few folks at Bealls are super, more than willing to go out of their way to accomodate a customer, and have been for years.
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