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Chris C

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I'm nursing a nasty bruise just south of the belt line from a bad kickback yesterday. I was in the shop all day making drawer parts for the shop cabinets. I knew I was ready and was at a good place to stop but I didn't.

I had just finished cutting the dados and switched out the dado stack. I decided to cut a drawer bottom just to check the fit. I guess I still had the dado operation in my mind because when I finished the trim cut on the 1/4 plywood bottom I slightly pulled the piece back. You can guess the rest but it's an an awesome bruise.

I was lucky. Since most of us have more shop time right now be mindful of your limits. I didn't and it almost cost me.


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YIKES! Lesson in listening to your body instead of your head when fatigue starts to set in. Could have been worse, or maybe not. I had a kickback a couple of years ago, caught a piece in the gut, was bruised and sore for a few weeks.

Hope you heal up, and thanks for the safety reminder.


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A lady posted in another a group that she had just purchased a new, more powerful table saw. She experienced a kickback that hurt her and left her sore enough that she went to the ER the next day. Turns out she had a ruptured spleen. Kickbacks can take your life, so be very careful!


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Dang Chris, please learn to listen to that voice. When it’s time to step back it is.


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I had a similar accident with 1/4 plywood. Had the blade low and the wind from the spinning blade picked it at the end of the cut and sent it to my belly. Felt like i had been shot. Big bruise. I learned to keep the blade up for thin wood.


My fortunately minor injuries from machines have each come from one of two situations; being a bit tired or getting in a hurry. At my advanced age now I have learned to walk away when I sense either, to return sometime later, afresh.


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Glad you are ok. I had a tricky cut a couple of months back, thinking to myself "if this kicks back I do not want to be in the line of sight", so I set myself on the other side of the rip guide so not to be in the line of sight, I am safe, it kicks back, goes flying hits Dewalt cordless saw on the work table ricochets back and hits my hand. I was wearing leather gloves and only have a 2 hp saw, imagine if that was 3 or 5hp. My hand was swollen for a week. Moral of the story, even with precautions, woodworking is always potentially dangerous.
At work, I have to teach tool safety use to the guys on occasion, the #1 thing I always tell them is what my dad told me when I was a kid, every time you pick up or start a tool BEFORE you do, say this to yourself, "this thing can hurt me or kill me", think about that before you start, not after. Thanks, dad


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On that note - I worked with a guy who would always say "it WILL cut you" when he handed you anything sharp. It's been years but made the right impression on me.

Martin Roper

On that note - I worked with a guy who would always say "it WILL cut you" when he handed you anything sharp. It's been years but made the right impression on me.
This reminds me of a story.

When I was in middle school back in the '60s you pretty much had to take shop as an elective if you weren't in band or chorus. There were machines we could use like the bandsaw, scroll saw, and disc sander; and those we couldn't like the planer, jointer and table saw. Only the shop teacher could use those. He would dimension lumber for you to use.

Hanging above the table saw was a weird, shriveled black thing that hung down from the ceiling by a string. None of us knew what it was. One day we were making slot cars with soldering irons, but one kid (surely the ADD one because we weren't doing woodworking) asked what the weird black thing was. Our shop teacher, Mr, Morrison (RIP), held up his right hand which was missing about half its pinkie.

Huge lesson learned. Needless to say, I still have mine.
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I started volunteering at church earlier this year but COVID 19 has shut down our activities at church. But one of the other guys who also volunteers cut himself badly on a table saw last week. I don't know the details but he reportedly did not lose any fingers.

My last two incidents involving stitches (in 2013) were late in a long day of work when I should have just stopped. I cut my hand working overhead with a reciprocating saw day one and then cut my index finger on my right hand on a compound miter saw on day two. If I had stopped a few minutes earlier, no stitches and I would have gotten more done.

I could mess up at any time but since I have been more willing to quit and haven't had any more injuries that a band aid wouldn't solve.


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glad your ok Chris. Mine put me in the hospital for 8 days. Folks be safe

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