Be Aware of Your Pets on the Beach

Bryan S

Corporate Member
This past winter we found and rescued a small Poodle mix named Mr Wiggles and Monday last week he went out on the beach with us for the first time. The second day we took him out with us we took his tennis ball to keep him occupied and he did have a big ole time chasing that ball.

We did not any idea, but during those few hours on Wednesday afternoon he had ingested a lot of sand and was one sick little dog. We found an absolutely wonderful Vet in Morehead City that would see him on Thursday morning. His insides were full of sand and they worked with him all day and we had to go back on Friday for more treatment trying to get him cleaned out.

What we learned is that every time he picked up the ball he swallowed a little sand. By Saturday afternoon he was returning to his old self and wanting to carry his ball around. It was one expensive lesson and I know we have plenty of pet owners here who do not want to go through this


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Poor little guy got a little too carried away having fun, glad to hear Mr. Wiggles is doing better.

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