Barber Chair Work bench for sale

Jerry C

Senior User
I have had this unique work bench for a long time. I do not know who built it or the original use of the bench...I suspect it was a carver or luthier. The hardwood top is about 22 by 30 inches, the vise opens 4 + inches and has 16 inch wide jaws. The bottom is a fully functional barber chair base. It turns 360 degrees and goes up and down and locks in any position. The table top tilts to nearly any angle. I have used this for an outfeed table for my table saw and band saw since you can dial in any height desired...I am asking only $150. If you want this work bench you will need help loading since it is very heavy.

Location Burlington



Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
Really neat! Wish I had room for it, or a real need for it, but I don't, Someone will surely want it.

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