Band Saw - Minimax S45 - 18" Bandsaw - $600 (Charlotte, NoDa)

Martin Roper

Band Saw - Minimax S45 - 18" Bandsaw - $600 (Charlotte, NoDa)

Not mine, etc.


18' band saw with 10" resaw capacity, 143" blade length, and 2.4 hp motor. Wired for 20A 250V outlet. This is a professional grade Italian made band saw. I have had minor adjustment issues with the saw but someone who is more mechanically inclined than I am will have it running perfectly in no time flat. Two blades are included in the sale.
It might be that he simply doesn't know how to tune it. Minimax makes good gear.

Roy G

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These saws have been around for 30 years so new bearings might be in order. They make good machines so anybody interested in it should go check it out.

Roy G

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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That is a GREAT buy. Somebody needs to jump on this


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Minimax is a darn good saw BUT the S45 came with an awesome fence and rail system that is not shown in the picture. He may have removed it but when inquiring, ask if he has the fence and rails. I he has them, this is a good deal.

Wish I needed a bandsaw...

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