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Occasionally, we get reports of DQ of Corporate Member issues. While there have been bugs in the code, often the problems are improper settings of the required parameters. In investigating the most recent case, two important things came to light.

The fields and settings for DQ and Corporate membership where spread out all over the place and were conducive to missing some of the fields and/or mis-entering them. And in the case where the full name was mis-entered or was simply just not entered, a bug allowed corporate membership
anyway. From a legal point of view an incorrect list of corporate members could cause some interesting difficulties.:gar-La; That bug has been fixed as of this morning and it would surprise me, if some corporate members wil not be corporate members in the near future.

The most common entry error and the one that has caused the most problems recently, is the full names fields. There are five fields that make up a full name; only 2 must be filled in, First Name & Last Name, to be considered to have fulfilled the full name requirement.

This morning the fields have been reorganized to make them more conducive to being filled out properly. The screen shots below were taken after this morning's rearrangement. The areas have been consolidated into two areas. The first is :

User Settings ->Edit Details. Scroll down to the 3rd grouping "Additional Information"

This is what it would look like if done as needed:

Notice that both the first and last name fields have been filled in. You decide if middle initial should be filled in.

Here is what we find often and causes the problems. The full name has been placed in the first name field:thumbs_do:

Besides the previous bad arrangement of fields, there is a historical reason for this issue. Before, the DQ program expaned, there was only one field labeled Full name and when we expanded, I chose to re-use the same field and just changed its name.(Bad design on my part).

The second area, which contains all the privacy issues (the opt in's) is found by

User Settings->Edit Options
Then scroll down to the "Miscellaneous Options" group which is currently the last on that page.


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Steve, I believe that we may need to get Robb to post an announcement about this and explain the need for the info we require on Corporate Membership so those that were' faux' members can understand. I have no problem with people wanting to protect their privacy, but with laws the way they are, and with PACs sending millions to politicians behind screens of anonymity, we need to be above board with how we operate and explain to the membership that we do.
This is no reflection on any Admin's ability to express the issue, only a realization that this type of information needs to come from the top.


If I am not mistaken, this announcement by Steve in the Staff Announcements forum goes out for all members to see. If I am wrong, then we need to make an announcement. BTW, thanks for the work to correct this, Steve!
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