Any knife makers? I need help

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Henry W

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Short version::
Can anyone point me to a beginner level resources for knife making (kitchen chef's type knives), or talk me through the process of attaching wood handles to a sharpened blade that has through holes for handle attachment?

Long version:
I've made a few cutting boards (3 or 4), and now I want to add kitchen knives to the reportoire. I figure this will make a good personal handmade present for the inevitable weddings of nephews or nieces (this summer there are 3 planned, so far).

I have purchased knife blades online. I know I could get into metal working and fashion the blades too (like a real knife maker) but at this point I will stick to woodworking. These blades have holes in them for through pins into the handle, and I also ordered the suggested sizes of brass stock for the pins.

What I need now are some basic pointers on the process of attaching a handle. I can read through the online stuff that the avid knifemakers have posted online (not surprisingly there are forums and webpages devoted to the topic), but I have yet to find a glossary that explains the terminology. I guess it is much like the process of starting woodworking and not knowing the insiders terminology (or any of the terminology) so that the forums are hard to understand.

Can anyone point me to beginner level resources, or talk me through the process of attaching wood handles to a sharpened blade that has through holes for handle attachment?




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Nice handle Mike! That gives me a great idea for putting a handle on a knife I've had since I was a kid and has been without a handle for quite a while.

Thanks also for the link. :eusa_clap


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Great work in progress documentation Mike :icon_thum
I don't think any power tool could achieve the customized fit you created with your own hands and simple tools.

Thanks for sharing,


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Henry, bear in mind this is coming from someone who hasn't done one yet, but I have been investigating it on teh net a bit. once you have your scales to the basic size, you should be able to drill your through holes and using a small ball peen hammer, peen the brass rivets to secure the scales. a little filing and sanding should have you in business.

There is a fellow in Huntersville that joined a short time ago that is into making knifes. I can't remember his name, but you might be able to search the site. I believe it was in teh welcome and introductions forum.

Good luck and let us know how you progress. I'd love to see pics along the way!


I have an employee here at WC who is a knife maker. His name is Joe S. He would be glad to help you. Call the store 781-1911 and ask for him. He works p/t.
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