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I recently purchased a Woodtek 1 1/2 horse power dust collector. Would like input into leaving it mobile or installing ducting. If I install ducting type and size recommendations. My shop is 24 x 24. Any other tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.


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If you haven't discovered Bill Pentz yet and have a few days to invest, go to:
As you'll see, he is evangelistic in his message about the dangers of wood dust.
If you follow his advice, shorter, smoother and bigger diameter connections and hoses will result in the best volume of air (and dust) being processed by the system. He will also make you feel inadequate if you have a small fan/motor and poorly designed dust collector but don't let that discourage you. Just focus on the basics. If you have a cloth bag consider adapting a pleated HEPA filter cartridge as the bags sometimes can clog fast and result in poor airflow. Some of the bags are not very good filters and can do a great job of aerosolizing small particles of dust which can be worse than doing nothing.

I have a similar sized shop and used 6in. PVC pipe along one wall for the main line connecting my 1.5hp cyclone. I have "wyes" installed strategically for connecting my bandsaw-drum sander, tablesaw and terminate with a blast gate for my jointer-planer. The flex hoses connecting to the wyes have a 4in quick connect fitting which make switching between jointer-planer and bandsaw-drum sander easy.

Lots of good info on sources of pipe, etc on this thread:


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dick cunningham
If I where ot do any duct work get the dust collecter out of the shop dehind a wall of so kind to reduce the noise in the shop. then you don't need a micro filter that slows down the air flo.
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