A great week for NCWW visits!

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Scott Smith
The last week sure has been a good one for NCWW visits! Thanks to Phil Soper, I now have a new 12' rolling ladder for the shop, and I have already discovered that it is going to be a great asset.

Earlier this week I stopped by to see Michael Manfre, who kindly put together a "wax run" for beeswax. While at Michael's, I picked up some wax for MikeH, and Thursday night he stopped by to pick up hix wax and see the shop. Here is a photo of Mike standing next to the "Roxboro Log" that I harvested earlier this year (see this link for more info on the log: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=39987)

Earlier in the week NCWW member David (Koosball) stopped by to pick up some lumber, and before that NCWW member JLWest came over from the Rocky Mount area to have me resaw some cherry boards for him (sorry, no pix!).

Also, this weekemd John McGuire stopped by and picked up some really nice 14" QSWO boards for a project that he is working on.

This upcoming week should bring Heath (HMH) and DanR to the shop to drop off and pick up the CostCo extension cords that Dan kindly brought (and bought) to our attention.

I also expect to see Brad (Vetterman) sometime soon, as MikeH left a couple of pen components here for him to engrave.

And I'm managing to do a little woodworking to boot! I'm in the midst of constructing a Beall stool with 1-1/2" wooden threads to adjust the height. It's been a fun project that I've been assembling out of scrap lumber; hopefully I'll have it finished this week along with some bottle stoppers for the in-laws for Christmas gifts.

All in all, a couple of great NCWW weeks!



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If you haven't had a chance to stop in and visit with Scott and see his shop you're missing out. Scott is a great host and WOW what a shop! My shop is about the size of the room housing his generator. :eusa_doh:

That's a good looking guy in that pic if I don't say so myself. :rotflm:
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