2021 Raffle Prizes - Master List


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Details for each donation will be posted in individual posts. (Items not in any specific order.)

  1. Bell Forest Products - $100 Gift Card
  2. Woodturners Supply - $25 Gift Card, qty 4 to be awarded
  3. Rockler - $25 Gift Card, qty 2 to be awarded
  4. Highland Woodworking - certificate for 1/2" Woodslicer bandsaw blade
  5. WorkSharp - WS3000
  6. Old Brown Glue - 20oz bottle, 6 to be awarded
  7. Fuji Semi-Pro2 HVLP Spray Kit
  8. FastCap KISS Drill Index Kit
  9. Schaaf Tools
    1. 12-pc carving tools, qty 2
    2. 7-pc carving tools, qty 2
    3. 4-pc fishtale carving tools, qty 2
  10. NOVA 23262 SN2 PRO-TEK Chucks, qty 4 to be awarded
  11. 4-volume set "THE WOODWORKER: The Charles H. Hayward Years: 1939-1967"
  12. Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish
    1. quarts Satin, qty 6 to be awarded
    2. quarts Semi-Gloss, qty 6 to be awarded
    3. quarts Gloss, qty 6 to be awarded
  13. System Three
    1. 1.5 pint MirrorCast kit
    2. Quick Cure 5 Gun Cartridge kit.
  14. General Finishes (oil-based)
    1. Pints ARM-R-SEAL Satin, qty 8 to be awarded
    2. Pints Wood Bowl Finish, qty 8 to be awarded
  15. Union Grove Knife & Saw
    1. $100 voucher for band saw blades or sharpening services, qty 7 to be awarded
  16. Klingspors, 3 prizes provided
    1. $750 Gift Card
    2. Festool Package (winner selects one of the following, no substitutions)
      1. TS55 Track Saw with Rail and CT36E Extractor
      2. DF500 Domino with CT36E Extractor (Domino backordered until Dec/Jan 2022!)
      3. Kapex KS120 Miter Saw
    3. Laguna Revo 1836 Lathe and Wheel system
  17. Magswitch
    1. Pro Vertical Featherboard & MagJig 95 (x2)
    2. Pro Universal Featherboard & MagJig 150 (x2)
    3. Universal Saw Indicator & MagSquare 165 (x2)
    4. Drill Press Fence & MagJig 235
  18. Mary May Carving
    1. 'Carving the Acanthus Leaf' book
    2. 1-year access to premium membership to online lessons
  19. Hilti
    1. 12V Three Tool Combo (Hammer drill, impact driver, drill, 2 4A batteries, charger softbag
  20. ShopBot
    1. Four certificates to use towards Basic Training online class
  21. Easy Wood Tools
    1. 2 sets of our Mid-Size Easy Turning Tools (rougher, finisher, detailer)
    2. 6 Easy Wood Tools Logo Hats
  22. The Hardwood Store of NC
    1. Freud 10" Thin Kerf Rip blade; 5/8" router bit; 2x 10pc square carbide cutters; Titebond original glue, silicon glue brush, Timbermate 8oz, Sliver Gripper tweezers, T-Shirt
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That is a GREAT list Neal. That would be a great total list, but I know you got more coming - I can't imagine what is coming next!


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In prior years we have sold somewhere between 2000 and 2500 tickets. Grossing us somewhere near $12,000. Net is less as we pay a discounted price for the three major prizes. Like Neal, I'd love to see us sell 3000 this year.


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We should also be selling tickets last minute at the picnic. That will likely be cash only as we currently don't have a way to accept cards remotely. That could change though by then.


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Can someone check if my order is there? Credit card shows 7/28 but haven't got an email with ticket numbers. Thanks


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i get so much spam I delete that folder a few times a day. If it went into spam, its been deleted already

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