16/4 Walnut and cherry, 6/4 Walnut and a really big piece of Sycamore for sale


I aquired 750 bf. of 16/4 Cherry and some Walnut. Am selling by the piece and might even cut a piece. These range from 4x4 to 4x12 and run from 9ft to 12ft. Price will range from $9-$13/bd.ft. These piece have been air dried for just over 6 years.
I also have a large piece of Sycamore. it is 12/4 and approx. 39" x 79"....it's a big piece...about 60 bd.ft.......kiln dried at BeeTree. Asking $300.
I also have about 28bd.ft. of 6/4 Walnut. it is beautiful! and also air dried (preserving the colors). These pieces run from about 15" to almost 4ft long. It has been joined on one side and lightly planed on the other. Asking $4.50 per bd.ft. for choosing or $4/bd.ft. if you take it all.
Please, let me know if you are interested in any of this lumber. i live in Weaverville, just north of Asheville.
If you are after the 16/4 or the Scycamore....bring help and a truck or trailer.

thanks, Neil


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