1. 1B Plane

    1B Plane

  2. 1A Plane

    1A Plane

  3. L

    Location of wooden dowels

    I am on a search mission for walnut dowels for my trestle tabletop. I found myself coming up short of time because I need them next week. I ordered my last ones from Rockler, I don't want to wait for a delivery. I remember a woodworking business off Hwy 1 just before the beltline, it was on the...
  4. Tarhead

    Comfortable Wooden Outdoor Armchairs

    Does anyone have a comfortable outdoor wooden dining/armchair they like and could share a photo/link? I will be looking at some old sinker Cypress next week in Louisana and would like to have an idea for one when picking out the wood. We're wanting an outdoor dining set with a table like Norm...
  5. NCPete

    wooden vessel sink

    Has anyone here made one?
  6. C

    Wooden (oak) screw covers

    I had to screw through the 1/2 ply back of my cabinet to fasten an interior wood member. I don't really want exposed screws, even in the back, but I think the ply is too thin to countersink and plug. Thought of dowels but don't see how they do much structural good when glued into plywood. It...
  7. J

    Wooden boxes, design and construction

    I would like to try my hand at making wooden boxes from exotic woods. Can anyone recommend books on the subject?
  8. froglips

    Wooden handplane setup video...

    Hey for all you hand plane junkies, a nice and free video on setup and use of wooden hand planes from Knight Toolworks. http://www.knight-toolworks.com/Knight_Plane_Basics.rm Enjoy, Jim
  9. cskipper

    New photo's - sales to the Wooden Stone

    I've created a gallery"Wooden Stone Gallery Sales". There are a number of new patterns in this group. It does not include the smaller snowflake ornaments I cut, simply because I am having to load photo's one at a time (my connection problem). Here are just a few: The rest are...
  10. Geomtric #4 - 3D

    Geomtric #4 - 3D

    3D trivet made from Walnut.
  11. Kyle

    Wooden Surfboard Plans

    I bought a set of some really cool plans..highly detailed and easy to follow. Jack Young has been making long boards for quite some time. He is a super guy. How to Build a Hollow Wood Surfboard I want to make a tamarack or cedar board one day and shoot the curl off of Ocracoke.
  12. SteveColes

    Wooden extension table.

    Ok, now I am installing the wooden extension table on the PM2000. I have nothing to comapre this to in my experience except the woodpecker supplied extension tables I added to my dewalt 746x. The PM table has a dip in the middle of about 1/32", the Woodpecker had no visible dip. I asked Tom...
  13. Tom Dunn

    Wooden barrels

    Just curious: Anyone here ever built a wooden barrel from scratch, or a kit even, if there is such a thing? I see them in catalogs like Lehmans(who I asume buy them from the Amish) and such but I can't recall ever knowing or hearing of anyone who made one. Mostly made from White Oak IIRC. Are...
  14. JimThomasson

    Wooden computers... what will they think of next

    Check out this site: Welcome to Suissa Computers - Natural beauty on the outside. Pure power on the inside. I'm sure we can team up some of our outstanding woodworkers and some of our computer geeks and compete with these guys! Sheesh.... a $35,000 computer? Would much rather have $35,000 of...
  15. NCPete

    wooden computing?

    We are all obviously woodworkers here, and many of us work regularly with computers, including a few that build computers, but how many of us have combined the two? check this out!
  16. Spalted Red Oak Vase

    Spalted Red Oak Vase

    From a crotch point, the burl is amazing in this piece.
  17. Phil

    old wooden farm tools

    does anyone know of plans for old wood farm tools such as hay rake and pitchfork?

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