1. Joe Scharle

    Watch out for a rainy day + boredom +

    Wood magazine article + scrap, or you may end up with one of these... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  2. Glennbear

    One to watch

    There are folks who like to hunt and there are those whose answer to anything is firepower. There are folks who accept that some folks hunt and there are those that think killing any animals is wrong. The vast number of people are somewhere in between the two extreme examples given above...
  3. cskipper

    Thread to watch? Yesterday it looked like Asheville Hardware was about to challenge this new company. Sharpening Service did not directly respond to their question and Asheville Hardware hasn't asked again. Might just be something to watch. I was...
  4. ScottM

    Please watch

    Sorry to start a post here but this one needs needs watching and I can't say this in the MOD forum. We do not want this turning into another incident like with Glenn and Allan afair.
  5. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  6. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  7. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  8. Carl Fisher

    Ins and outs of t-track. What to look for, what to watch out for?

    Howdy all. so I need to buy several lengths of t-track to outfit some of my work surfaces, jigs, accessory tables, etc... Looking at the various online sources, each brand seems to be different in terms of bolt head size, track thickness, width, height, etc... Is there a "standard" out...
  9. TracyP

    Watch this thread please It has no business here and will probably need to be taken down soon.
  10. Gotcha6

    One to watch

    This is borderline IMO, but it could get ugly:
  11. TracyP

    Watch this new thread Y'all know the discussion that could result from this new member thread.
  12. ScottM

    One to watch The normal characters are involved. So far they have kept this above the line but this topic can stir up a lot of passion in some folks.
  13. ScottM

    Watch this please

    This one can go south in a heart beat.
  14. ScottM

    New one for the watch Looks like Mike D objected to Mike W wording. It is fine now but we have seen these thing boil over in a heart beat. Just keep an eye opened.
  15. ScottM

    One to watch

    Tax threads can go south quick. This one is fine now.
  16. G

    another pocket watch Cherry Burl

    Another pocket watch. This one is from a piece of Cherry Burl. My main problem is deciding which way is up because there is no grain direction. any comments appreciated.
  17. ScottM

    Another one to watch

    Please keep an eye on this thread: The subject matter is fine but someone could take this south quickly with negative comments.
  18. R

    One to watch...

    At the risk of sounding paranoid... This one has the words "dust collector" in it IIRC, Alan has recently helped us understand something about switches.
  19. R

    Thread to watch...

    The thread entitled "Another one bites the dust" started by timf67 is one to watch. Doesn't look bad now but it is the kind of thread that can dredge up some bad feelings about jobs going over seas, what politicians are doing, globalization, etc. In this post, Dragon starts one paragraph of a...
  20. ScottM

    Watch Dragon's thread

    This one needs to be watched. I did edit this post to remove the reference to GE With that reference removed the thread is OK for now but we know Dragon and others can turn this quickly.

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