1. CrealBilly

    NEW trick for me

    I learned something new today I thought I would pass on. While making electronics cover out of 3/16 thick maple for the bass I'm building I had to fit the cover to the odd shape rabbit I routed out. Kind of a triangle with a big radius on the long side and like 1" radius on the corners...
  2. M

    Trick for better water based finish results

    It's more of a cheat really... I mentioned it in the Jatoba thread but figured I'd share separately as well. A little history first: I build drums out of my shop...err... garage... My preferred method of applying finish is with an HVLP gun and my compressor. My spray area is about 3 feet away...
  3. B

    Impossible nail trick

    I've never seen it before, and thought it was pretty cool :) might have to make one for my nieces and nephews to try to figure out. Impossible nail trick video
  4. froglips

    Firefox trick, fixes freezing.....

    I'm coming to you as a normal user, not speaking from the site Staff. If you have ever noticed that Firefox seems to freeze, then resume there is a possible fix. The problem is caused by a benefit. The Restore Session. If you have 5 pages open, Firefox is saving all the info from these...
  5. Rob

    Must be a trick to using a bowl scraper

    Was turning a bowl, I glued some scrap walnut and birch together, was going great, started smoothing the inside with a bowl scrapper, kept catching, finally tore the bowl out. (Was 1/4" thick wall, so not too thin). Wondering, if I used the right glue, yellow wood glue, and maybe got too...
  6. JackLeg

    Trick or Tips? I'll take either!

    If any of you have any suggestions on how to "downsize" something, I'd really appreciate hearing from you. :eusa_thin:eusa_thin I need to make some "child size" adirondack chairs. I figure "childsize" is probably about 3/4 size of our original models. Sooooo------, what's the Trick or Tip...
  7. michaelgarner

    Green Poplar Trick

    Hey everyone, I’m putting together an entrainment center for my father-in-law and he wanted something that was inexpensive but looked good. Well I knew that I could stain poplar to resemble cherry so I went with that. When the wood was delivered it had a lot of green hue in some of the boards...
  8. Monty

    Learned a new trick on the D4 today... [PICS!]

    Angled through-dovetails! 8-) I'm making a doll cradle for LOML Jr. This is a pretty cool technique, I think -- even if it does only have very limited application... :roll: For the curious, here's basically how it's done: First of all, you rout the pins first, instead of...

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