1. Tree


    Pattern by Sue Griffiths, cut from 3/4" Poplar. It was challenging to make all of these cuts without forcing the blade. Amazingly, all the pieces slide in and out smoothly with no extra "convincing"
  2. tree


  3. tree


  4. Tree ID

    Tree ID

    Unknown tree species
  5. Tree ID

    Tree ID

    Unknown tree species
  6. Tree Rounds @ Avondale and Camden in Durham

    Tree Rounds @ Avondale and Camden in Durham

    These are on the side of the road at Avondale and Camden in Durham. I think the address is 1620 Avondale Road, Durham, NC. These aren't mine, nor do I know any details about them. Just thought I would share in case they interested someone.
  7. taandctran

    Christmas tree pen??

    seems though I now have this dead tree standing in my living room... I'm wondering if anyone has ever turned anything out of a Christmas tree... More specifically a pen?? I'm guessing it wouldn't be anything that looks great, but I was just wondering!!:gar-Bi
  8. BKind2Anmls

    Can I Cut This With a Bandsaw? Final Pix

    I epoxied some 10-gauge wire from electrical cable into a block of maple and cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree. I next want to slice it up for ornaments. Can I do this on my bandsaw with a wood cutting blade? Everything I can find on the Internet says "you can cut thin sheets of...
  9. C

    Trim The Tree Contest

    Please check the calendar for complete information regarding the Trim The Tree Contest that The Hardwood Store of NC, Inc. is having. Thanks. Cheryl The Hardwood Store of NC, Inc.
  10. Gotcha6

    The Hardwood Store Tree Ornament Contest

    The Hardwood Store is sponsoring a Tree Ornament contest. Information regarding entry and rules are in the link below. Anyone interested in making a wooden ornament for their tree can submit to to the address on the bulletin. We'd also invite you to post your entry here on the site for...
  11. D

    Black Walnut tree

    I have a black walnut tre i want gone is anyone interested. Glenn
  12. D

    Black Walnut Tree DOWN advice wanted

    Today a friend of mine called and stated one of his large Black Walnuts fell during IRENE. . . He has a horse farm and it is blocking one of the gates and needs it gone and has offered it up to me if I can move it. I have a friend who has a saw mill, tree cutting business to include trucks...
  13. J

    Excellent Tree Service

    Scott Smith gave me the recommendation for these folks. The owner, Cormac Nagan, is a fairly young Irish guy from Chicago. He's also a certified arborist so he knows a lot about trees and how to care for them. Their service area is generally around the...
  14. Maple Tree

    Maple Tree

    Maple Tree Free to who ever wants it
  15. S

    what a tree!

  16. L

    Wondering how to sell some tree's

    I just found this site looking around the net and I hope some of you guys can help me answer a question I have.As the title states I'm wondering how I can sell some trees I have,I'm local to the Charlotte area.I met someone that sold his trees around the area of lake Norman but I since lost his...
  17. H

    LARGE Sycamore Tree

    A LARGE Sycamore tree is being taken down on Monday. It is approximately 42 inches in diameter and about eighty feet high. Logs maybe cut to size as it is being dropped in one piece and a trackhoe is on site to load onto your trailer. Offers are being accepted. The logs MUST be gone by the...
  18. MrAudio815

    Huge Burl Tree, Advice for cutting a 44" diameter trunk?

    Hello NCWW's, I was heading to get me some Chinese instead of eating at home and the HUGE BURL tree that I pass by wasn't there. I turned around and parked where it stands and there it was on the ground. I saw a guy on a ATV and waved. Walked up to him and asked if that was his tree, he...
  19. Mark Stewart

    Cucumber tree

    Just wondering if anyone has turned any and if so how does it turn?> Thanks MArk
  20. T

    peach tree

    not sure if this is in the right forum area, but i've got a mature peach tree that is on the way out and i have to take it down. i didn't know if there is any interest in peach for turning or woodworking, but i'd be willing to let someone have the tree for free in exchange for hauling off all...

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