1. W

    Hello to everyone

    I have been looking for a site like this to just be in contact with fellow wood workers in North Carolina. Always looking for tips on how to do things better as well as constantly looking for gently used power tools and wood to purchase.
  2. BWhitney

    Making Wood Work

    I found this site while looking for an image of a Dremel Drill Press. Some of our members may already be aware of the site, but I found it entertaining and enlightening. :cool:
  3. medicfirefighter2005


    Just a little tip on recycling old Computer Hard-Drive's, they contain rare earth magnets which are really strong. If you take the old drives apart and remove the magnets they are attached to metal brackets that can screwed into workbenches tables etc. to keep tools in ready access I have one...
  4. charlessenf

    Best Place to Send Tips, Jigs, etc.

    I've come up with a couple of ideas that would (based upon what I've seen published) be worth sending in to one of those magazines that pay or award prizes for "great tips" or interesting small project ideas. I tried logging onto to no avail this evening, then thought to ask...
  5. D

    Any tips for sharpening bowl gouge?

    I made a jig sharpen my roughing gouge, just an adjustable rod coming from under the bench grinder with a little cup for the butt of the tool. Obviously this is only good for sharpening a square edge, and won't work for the rounded edge of a bowl gouge (not sure correct terminology). If anyone...
  6. LeftyTom

    Any Finishing Tips for Cool Weather Finishing?

    I have a project ready for finishing, using Waterlox Original Sealer & Finisher. I am going to remove any dust by wiping the wood down with paint thinner. Since I have shop cats, who do not wander out of the shop, I will be doing using the thinner and finish outdoors. What is the lowest...
  7. M

    Got any tips for making a simple vase?

    Hi Folks, Looks like the wife needs some prezzies to hand out as a "thank you" gift for folks that helped out at a conference she recently attended. Fortunately, the emphasis is on hand made gifts. Since I have some small dogwood pieces I thought I'd try and make some vases. Then the wife...
  8. crokett

    HF Carbide Tool Tips

    Has anyone used the carbide tool tips from HF? I am going to try to get to my dad's forge this weekend to make a larger hollowing tool. I will plan on it having replaceable tips. I saw the ones at HF. If you used them. how did you attach them to your tool?
  9. KenOfCary

    Turning Lignum-Vitae - Any tips?

    I got a nice piece of Lignum-Vitae yesterday at Klingspor. It is 3x3x18 with the grain running corner to corner. I'm planning to turn 2 carving mallets out of it probably. It is currently completely coated in wax. This is very heavy, hard wood. Any thing special I should know or watch out...
  10. A

    WW Tips from Little Washington

    Congratulations to Jay Sullivan (Sully) from little Washington. The tip he showed us here in January about Paper Templates was just published in the June 2011 issue of Fine Woodworking (pp.18). Way to go Jay! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Last week I got a call...
  11. J

    Jointing Tips

    Hello everyone! First post on NC Woodworker. I consider myself new to woodworking. I got into it about this time last year and spent quite a bit of money (to me atleast), on what I consider to be decent tools. I have a Craftsman 10" cabinet saw with a cast iron top. I have a craftsman...
  12. MarkE

    Any tips for setting the iron on a #78

    Anyone got any tips or tricks for getting the iron set properly on a Stanley #78. Had a need to use this plane recently. I pulled the iron out and got it nice a sharp on the WS3000. Now I can't seem to get the thing set up right. Got it in there where I thought it should be, but the plane...
  13. LeftyTom

    Wood Tips for Butcher Block Table Tops

    Disclaimer: I did not want to hijack the thread about wood not for cutting boards. Any combination or 2 or 3 woods to avoid when building a butcher block table top? Suppose dimensions of 30"L x 26"W x 2" thick. Tips appreciated for both tops with side grain (30"L x 3/4"W x 2"T) and end...
  14. woodnick

    Red Tips

    I'm about to cut down some large Red Tips. Has anyone cut and dried any Red Tip wood? I'd like to know what color it will be when dried. Light like Boxwood or dark like Red Oak. I,m sure it won't be like Walnut.
  15. RoadRunner

    Unable to access Tips & Tricks

    Going to: Forum >> Tools, Equuipment & Techniques >> Tips & Tricks results in a message indicating I am not authorized to access. Is this an error or must I request the ability to gain access? BTW I am enjoying the site and reading the posts.... Thanks, Henri
  16. Jim Murphy

    Tips on securing tabletop breadboard

    Darn... it turned out much better than expected. SO.... I know I need to glue and pin the center board, but any tips or tricks on pinning the outer edges? REMEMBER, we're dealing with discount walnut here. (Wow...I had a B eye Tee Sea Haitch of a time getting enough of Charlie's walnut to...
  17. pviser

    tips and tricks

    I do not understand why I was denied access to "Tips and Tricks" forum within "Tools, Equipment, and Techniques." Please explain, as I am still trying to learn my way around NC Woodworkers web site. Thank you.
  18. b4man

    Need tips on replacing a drop in range

    ...with a slid in. Know I have to cut out the base, change the hard wire to a 4 wire range receptacle. What I need is some good ideas about how to remove the drop in range and what am I going to find as far a the base construction was built? I am trying to avoid surprises. TIA, Barbara
  19. froglips

    Search Tips and Tricks

    Big thanks to Mike (sushinutnc) for sharing this great guide! Fulltext Boolean Search Operators and Syntax for vBulletin * + A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each row that is returned. * - A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be...
  20. Glennbear

    OK, that was too close ! (updated with tips)

    The majority of my working career was spent in public safety, Police/Fire/Rescue so I consider myself a pretty safety minded individual. Today I was working in the shop when a brief but violent thunderstorm rolled in. I decided to keep on working using the logic that the shop was just as safe as...

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