1. gfernandez

    Target Coatings Sale

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Target Coatings is having a sale on some of their items. I just picked up a gallon of EM6000 satin lacquer for $36.40 plus free shipping.
  2. T

    Target Coatings 30% off plus some items free shipping

    Target Coatings has a code DEC1809 for 30% off. In addition, some items have free shipping, such as gallon sizes of their EmTech 6000 lacquer. A gallon shipped is only $30.80. There is free shipping on some other items too - just look for the red oval saying "Limited Time Only Free Shipping".
  3. Ralrick

    Plywood Target Boards

    A friend here in Hillsborough, NC is the inventor of the PhD flying Disc. He is looking for someone to mass produce a target board that can be used with the game. Looking for low cost, mass production. Fairly low level at first but may expand later. I know many of...
  4. Shayne

    Target Coatings

    I've seen many mention on this and other forums about Target Coatings and I'm thinking of making the plunge. I tried reading through their literature and either I missed some things or they were there so I thought I'd ask here. 1. Do most people use the EmTech 6000 Production Lacquer or...
  5. Travis Porter

    25 percent off Target coatings

    FYI - I am a user of their products, but not affiliated. Dear FinishingZone Member, Enjoy exclusive savings of 25% OFF on OXFORD ULTIMA SPRAY LACQUER & OXFORD HYBRIVAR when purchased through the FinishingZone now until January 10, 2009! ADDITIONAL SPECIAL SAVINGS OF...
  6. rywilson

    Target USL

    I'm finishing some nightstands and the wife wants them Pottery Barn black. I did a bunch of test boards with India ink and it came out OK. However I would like to try some USL tinted black. Before I order some I would like to try it out since I have never used it before. Does anyone have...
  7. pslamp32

    Target USL...

    Anybody who has used this water-based lacquer before know if it can be sprayed over waxed shellac? I sprayed a coat over regular shellac, I normally only use dewaxed but they were out, and I have a mosaic of cracks as it dries. Any idea what could be causing this? I've never used water-based...
  8. WoodWrangler

    Where do you buy Target Coatings?

    Where do you buy your Target Coatings products? I hear it's the best for spraying ... and wanna give it a try. I found it on the 'net, but wondered where you bought it ...

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