1. K

    Air filtration system

    Looking to buy a used JDS 2000. It was first purchased in 2004. Any thing I should lookout for?
  2. G

    Any gotchas in making a closet system

    I am replacing the old wire based closet organization system in my master walk-in closet with a nice (I hope) wood one like you would see from California Closets. Just wondering if anyone has done one before and ran into any unforeseen issues I should be away of? Thanks.
  3. tkpinsc

    looks like a good dwal on a cyclone system not mine
  4. J

    Grizzly, 220 volt DC system $200

    Currently on RDU CL, located in Clayton. Ad include phone #, so item probably won't last long.
  5. Flute Maker

    Beall Wood Buffing System

    Has anybody ever used the beall wood buffing system? I make flutes and wonder about using this.. I really would like something to help take some of the hand work out of the sanding around the mouthpiece and other areas..I use the Sorby sandmaster and it works great. Thanks...
  6. flyrod444

    Another use of a coring system.

    Here is a picture of what one can do with a coring system in place of making sets of bowls. I really do not like to sand so making nested sets is not my favorite thing to do. Unless it is a nice burl I tend to just core out the largest blank I can out of the middle of a nice blank. I then make a...
  7. flyrod444

    Kobra Hollowing system Test Run!

    Kobra test run! I've been hollowing free hand for a number of years now and decided it was time to look for a good hollowing system. I decided after much research into the subject that the Kobra was the best one on the market for my needs. There is a wait after you order one since they are...
  8. G

    Raffle payment system will not take my credit cards

    I live overseas, so my address is probably the problem, but the system won't take any of my cards. What now?
  9. S

    Triton WoodRack System - $40 (Cary, NC)

    not mine Triton WoodRack System - $40 (Cary, NC) Date: 2011-04-24, 9:52PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] The Triton Woodrack is a multi-purpose racking system for storage of pipes...
  10. J

    Incra table saw/router table joinery system

    I have almost decided to replace my existing router table (Norm's style) and table saw fence with the Incra system which uses the same fence for both operations. I was wondering if anyone out there had this and could offer some advice on it.
  11. manfre

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System 35 % Off Regular Price Of $134.99 E-Direct Price $87.74
  12. S

    RIDGID AF3000 air filtration system - $100 (Hillsborough area)

    not mine RIDGID AF3000 air filtration system - $100 (Hillsborough area) Date: 2011-03-07, 10:08AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Used shop air filter. I don't have the particular specs...
  13. D

    Excaliber track and fence system

    I am looking at an older (87) model UNISAW and it has an Excaliber fence and track system. Does anyone have any input (pros and cons) on the Excaliber system? Thanks, Tim
  14. Ken Massingale

    Kreg K4 Master System Deal

    Woodcraft has this Kreg on sale this weekend for $118. Lowes has it for their normal price of $139. I needed something better than the little pocket jig I have for a cabinet project, and didn't want the 80 mile round trip to WC. I added the Kreg to the Woodcraft cart and printed the page and...
  15. S

    52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System - $125 (Holly Springs)

    Not mine 52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System - $125 (Holly Springs) Date: 2011-02-19, 11:06AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System...
  16. J

    GSO CL: Tormek T-7 Watercooled sharpening system - $400 (Kernersville)

    Not Mine:
  17. dust collection

    dust collection

    putting up our dust collection system
  18. S

    Kreg Jig K3 Master System. - $100 (Mocksville)

    Not me Who knows, maybe nego $75-85? Kreg Jig K3 Master System. - $100 (Mocksville) Date: 2010-12-31, 11:28AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Easy pocket hole joinery in one...
  19. buildintechie

    Laser or LED Blade system for miter saw

    All- I'd like to get (for christmas) a laser for my dewalt 12" miter saw, and when I was looking online, noticed another system that casts a shadow to show where the blade will go. Has anybody experienced either of these two systems? What do you think of them? Thanks Laser system...
  20. Ken Massingale

    Wolverine Sharpening System $75 Seneca Sc

    Not mine, but a great deal. Wood Lath Wolverine Sharpening System - $75 (Seneca) Date: 2010-11-02, 10:29PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Wolverine Sharpening System for wood lath tools with several attachments. Includes basic system with...

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