1. jaustin

    A sign and cribbage boards.

    Started to make a sign for a man cave. Thought I would share. I plan on going back and add some color to it this weekend. I also made a couple Cribbage boards. Now I need to learn how to play the game. I wasn't going to stain the whole thing. I was going to stain the center, lines and...
  2. LloydP

    Greene & Greene address sign

    When I went to my brother's house is Maine this summer, I noticed his address sign was just some cheap numbers on a piece of 2x6. He has a beautiful lodge style house, and I thought that it deserved a better sign. This was a picture frame plan that I enlarged to about 13" x 13". Mahogany with...
  3. J

    I need a STOP Sign

    I need an old stop sign, yield sign or similar size sign. Street signs are too small. I need to cut a circle out of an old sign to adapt a pump bracket to a motor. I have a 6+ HP pump bracket which has a larger bolt circle than my 5.5 HP engine. Being tempered, sign is strong enough for intended...
  4. Military SIgn

    Military SIgn

    Stained wood with vinyl lettering (not barn wood)
  5. J

    Need Help - Building a Sign

    Hey all, I'd like to build a sign to help a friend with his busines and I need some help. The sign will be 4 ft. wide by 3 ft. tall and attached to 4x4's that will be set into the ground. The construction isn't where I need help as much as what type of materials to use. 1) What tpye...
  6. L

    Need to sign in each time I come back

    Has something changed? When I exit the site and return I have to sign in each time. How can I change this?
  7. N

    Sign Made

    I'm looking to get a sign made for my Grandparents Wedding Anniversary. I have a couple ideas and I think it would be pretty simple... I was thinking about doing it but just don't have the time the next couple weeks to do it and make sure it get's done.
  8. JackLeg

    Deal on Sign Making Kit at Rockler

    Just ordered the Sign Making Kit from Rockler! $100 off! Includes the PC Router, 5 bits, and the letter kit. I've wanted one for some time. AND, it's in my favorite font!! :wsmile:
  9. dlrion

    Big Sign Finished Product

    My boss gave me the day off with the promise that I would make him a sign for our work center. I made this in just under 7 hours so it was a pretty good deal, I would much rather fool around in my shop than fix aircraft any day! It is supposed to look be designed after old fashioned...
  10. dlrion

    Big Sign for work

    My boss told me that I can have a day off if I can make a gigantic sign for our workcenter. The sign will have to say "CANN DOCK" it needs to be about 6 feet long. I was thinking about using MDF to route the letters, and then painting everything black with white border and white letters...
  11. llucas

    What to use to sign turnings...

    Well, sooner or later you have to start giving away your turnings...I am now to that point. I'd like to sign the turnings ( 5-10 inch bowls, some candlesticks, some small vases) and label the wood type (elm, cedar, pecan, dogwood, birch). Since some of the bottoms are pretty small, I think I...
  12. b4man

    Need ideas for a small NCwoodworker sign

    I want to have a NCWW logo sign of some sort at the Heartstrings Memory Walk to put on the table where we will distribute the angels. Does anyone have suggestions as to how and where I can get one printed? I think a 8" x 24" would work well. The table is a standard folding banquet type...
  13. Joe Scharle

    Milescraft Sign Maker Pro

    I picked this up last week (Klingspor has them in stock, for one) and made a few signs. View image in gallery I read a few negative reviews on the lower priced unit and went for the Pro model. Only $15 more anyway. The kit has everything, including 2 low profile C-clamps that allow the...
  14. PChristy

    Where would you sign this

    I have a paper backing on the back - I would sign on it but I am afraid one day the back might be torn off for some reason - The piece is glued onto 1/4 ply with felt - any thoughts View image in gallery
  15. cskipper

    It might be a sign of insanity, but....

    I quit my job. LOML and I are going to get to live together - all week long- not just weekends! One more week - we can hardly wait!!!
  16. froglips

    GSC Shop Crawl, last chance to sign up!

    If you've been putting off signing up for the Geodesic Shop Crawl, time is running out. If you wait until monday, it will be too late! Weather report is (knock on wood), mid 60's and clear!!!! Rob has lined up some amazingly varied shops. In addition to a grilled lunch (and the...
  17. wifes quilting sign

    wifes quilting sign

  18. froglips

    DOC Shop Crawl: Did you sign up yet?

    Yes, the full court press is on to encourage you (yes, I'm speaking to you!) to sign up! A PM went out today to all those who have filed out the form. We need to know who want to go so we can send out the itinerary, setup breakfast and lunch and the other special activities! So, if you...
  19. froglips

    DOC Shop Crawl: Two weeks left to sign up!!!

    :eusa_thin Why two weeks? Because this time two weeks from now we will be knee deep in Shop Crawling!! :icon_cheers Read Bio's from each of the six Shop Hosts who are opening up their shops in this fun thread: You...
  20. froglips

    Klingspor Extravaganza, The Sign Up 3D!

    You've seen the ad.... You've read the thread..... Now, brought to you by the same people who saw the wood, its the.... Klingspor Extravaganza Volunteer Sign Up Sheet! Ok, I'm done, I promise. Here is the real info...

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