1. tarheelz

    "Sure, Honey. No problem." (Update - Done!)

    Given limited time and competing priorities, it took some time to get these shelves finished for my daughter's room. Here's the original thread: I am pleased with the results but happy to be done. A shelf is one thing. Six boring...
  2. Timmy

    Pine Bookcase

    I finished a pine bookcase this past week. The top was dovetailed together, the bottom shelf has 3 thru tenons and the shelves were doweled in. The base molding was had made using moulding planes. This bookcase was built around a sheet of 2'x4' birch plywood from local hardware store. Stained...
  3. B

    Newbie Here - Question About Hangers for Ledge Shelves I'm Building

    Read through the archives and see where this issue raised but never fully answered. My shelves [painted solid poplar] will be 1.5" thick, 6.5" deep, and up to 102" long ... a maximum weight of 15 lbs each before another 15 lbs maximum will be displayed atop. The ideal hardware would be 1.25"...
  4. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Left View
  5. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Middle View
  6. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Right View
  7. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    This was a learning piece for me. Given my limited selection of tools, I had to settle for using paint grade trim from Lowe's to dress it up. After a lot of sanding and conditioning it accepted the stain pretty well. You cannot tell from the pictures, but there are LED lights under the...
  8. WorkshopShelves1


  9. Shelf project 1

    Shelf project 1

    Overall view of the installed shelves with window. Window treatment and carpet were not complete when this photo was made. The base cabinets were installed and leveled first. The top arches/corbel assemblies were fitted on site to accommodate ceiling variation. The center arch board is about...
  10. Right unit library shelves

    Right unit library shelves

    Right unit of the shelves. The chase built into the wall at right conceals refrigerant and condensate lines for the heatpump/AC unit.
  11. Left unit library shelves

    Left unit library shelves

    The depth of the unit was limited by the closet door seen at left. Total unit dept is 9 3/4 in. height to ceiling is 99 inches.
  12. Detail of base cabinet door pulls

    Detail of base cabinet door pulls

    Shop made door pulls for cabinet doors. They have a round finger groove underneath the pull.
  13. Right base cabinet for library shelf project

    Right base cabinet for library shelf project

    View of the right base cabinet on my bench after mounting doors, but before the pulls were attached. Hinges are soft-closing cabinet hinges for flush inset doors. The raised panel doors and face frame are cherry while the case is cherry veneer plywood.
  14. Shelf unit project detail

    Shelf unit project detail

    Detail of corbels at top of shelf case
  15. Randall Kepley

    Veneered Audio Rack Shelves (very pix heavy)

    Hey Guys, I thought you guys might like to see some One-Off shelves Im building for a customer of mine. This is the first of many projects he and I have in the works so lots more will be posted in the future, but anyway .... The first in the "Projects" is replacement Component shelves. The...
  16. Shelves


    Built these shelves to fill some unused space
  17. Shelves


    Built these shelves to fill some unused space
  18. kooshball

    shelves, displays, etc for sale

    I was just in one of the Boarders Book stores that are closing and they had EVERYTHING for sale (shelves, displays, racks, etc). Some of the magazine displays could make nice storage systems for readily used items for those with large shops.
  19. dpsnyder

    Latest project - walnut shelves

    Just finished these nic-nac shelves for the bedroom wall. Walnut, a couple of coats of BLO, 2 coats of amber shellac, then for ease of application, I switched to clear spray shellac. Sanded to 400 grit with about 4 coats spray shellac. The grain really popped out nice. And no, I did not...
  20. walnut shelves

    walnut shelves

    Walnut, BLO 2 coats amber shellac, 4 coats spray clear shellac (sanded to 400 between coats)

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