1. NCTurner

    Septic problem?

    Ya'll I need to know if I need to worry about this: My field is overly wet and doesn't seem to be drying and there is a slight oil slick on it. What do I need to do?
  2. sawduster

    septic maintenance

    Someone told me today that yeast and brown sugar added periodically to the septic system was beneficial :dontknow: can anyone confirm or deny or perhaps add what they do for theirs ? We currently have no issues but don't want any either :no: TIA :icon_thum
  3. K

    Septic with pump

    This kind of goes along with my other post about expensive hobbies, kinda. The place we are looking to buy has a pump with the septic system. This is something I am no fimiliar with. Any opinions on this type of setup and what problems might I face?

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