1. Truefire

    Eastern NC Sawmills?

    Hey guys can any of you inform me of any local sawmills located in Eastern NC near Greenville. I was told of a guy in Washington at one time but cannot for the life of me locate that number or address at this time. Thanks what I really need are several near the Greenville area within 30...
  2. Outa Square

    Sawmills: circular vs bandsaw

    Currently, i have a supply of cedar and popular that i am working through and i haven't a need for more lumber, although i want some but for now the need side of me is suppressing the wants; however after reading the post in the thread about milling out a tree, I was wondering what is the...
  3. Tom Dunn


    If one considers stationary sawmills, how common are circular saw mills as opposed to band saw operations? Are new circular saw sawmills being commonly built?

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