1. 02blues

    old tool rehab

    My Dad found some vintage hand saws and a draw knife for me. they look solid and will need a good sharpening. the saws are rusty though. any thoughts about how to clean them up without ruining the vintage tools? one of the saws has the "nib" on the end? Nobody really knows what that for per...
  2. mkepke

    Rehab drumsander paper ?

    I was sanding some fairly oily exotics today - leopardwood and zebrawood - and the paper on my Woodmaster drum sander now has a bad case of resin build up. Looks like the leopardwood is the culprit, since the buildup is the same color. I've used the heck out of my crepe block, but the buildup...
  3. J

    Preston Plane rehab

    Got a bullnose Preston #1355 plane from that world famous on line auction site. It took a while to come across the pond, but here is what I received. It seemed to be in pretty good shape. Nice plating, very little brown rust staining. Time to open it up. Well, it needs some oil and the...
  4. J

    Stanley #3 rehab

    More Show and Tell. Here's a Stanley #3C, type 17 WWII era I just finished giving a makover. It was a fairly bad rustbucket but was solid underneath with good wood. Stripped and refinished the body (most of the jappanning was gone) as well as the wood, just cleaned the rest without getting...
  5. M

    rehab or display trashed type 4 No 7

    Howdy, After seeing Insomniac's post in the Buy and Sell forum I decided to take a gallery opinion on what to do with an old type 4 No 7 I got off ebay. I purchased this guy fairly blindly (single small grainy pic in poor light) off ebay for $20 a while ago. It arrived with the worst...

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