1. Bryan S

    My Very first Turning Project

    I took the opportunity to play around with the GWL today. Toyed around with sharpening the tools, OK I will admit it, trying to sharpen the tools. Picked up a bottle stopper kit at Woodcraft last week, among some other things, and after some trial and error, mostly error, I decided to try a...
  2. Mark Placek

    a BIG turning project!

    Hi, Its been a long time since I posted anything here, I haven't turned much lately. My friend Chris who is the manager of Advantage Lumber in Grover, NC. called me yesterday asking me if I could do some turning for a customer of his, I told him that my lathe is way to small for this project...
  3. blazeman45

    First Project With New Saw

    I had been dying to use the new cabinet saw... SO... I had an old desk sitting in my shop... This desk was one my dad had in his shop and we used it to work on projects together when I was a kid... I could not bear to get rid of it but it was an eyesore and constantly in the way. I decided to...
  4. D

    Working Project

    In keeping with Trent's idea of posting about a project I thought this might be a start. As you all know, I primarily work with large, heavy, logs and stumps. Well, I initially cut this "stump" a little over a year ago and it sat outside through all kinds of weather until a couple weeks ago. I...
  5. Mr. Lahey

    Project: Sailboat Dock Step

    This is probably my first real project, and a gift for someone. It's a step that will be tied to a dock, it is to help board a sailboat. I started this project by learning to use Google Sketchup. It took about 4 days to get the hang of sketchup, but was well worth it. After designing it I...
  6. Trent Mason

    Share one project

    I know there are a lot of beginners that have joined here recently, and in response to Ken's thread, Why don't we each share one of our projects (that we have WIP pictures of), how we did it and which tools we used. I guess I'll go first. :rotflm: Project: Jatoba, king-sized, platform bed...
  7. WoodWrangler

    Project: Toddler Bed (Finished!)

    Started this yesterday ... it will eventually be a toddler bed, but for now it's a bunch of wood!:gar-La; It is poplar and will be painted to match his room most likely. I am tossing around the idea of using baseballs at the post toppers, but we'll see. Anywho... figured I'd share the...
  8. WoodWrangler

    Project: Piano Bench in Black Paint

    Another friend heard of the piano bench build-a-thon taking place at my shop, and decided he wanted one. He didn't have as much free time as I did, so I took this one on by myself. Nothing fancy, and no storage, this piano bench is a little smaller than the other one (see other thread). This...
  9. WoodWrangler

    Project: Piano Bench in Mahogany

    My good buddy Jon wanted a custom piano bench to match his 75 year old player piano. We started with a trip to The Woodworking Source and picked out one of the most beautiful pieces of mahogany I've seen. It's been a rather slow moving project, working nights and weekends when he has time...
  10. WoodWrangler

    Project: Cutting Board

    About a week ago a great friend of ours came asking for a cutting board for her brother as a gift. They wanted it 4" thick ... quite the cutting board! After figuring out how much wood and giving some prices, they about passed out saying "we had no idea wood was so expensive" (I guess my time...
  11. solar dryer for delicates 2

    solar dryer for delicates 2

    solar dryer for delicates 2
  12. johnpipe108

    Northumbrian Bagpipe Project - WIP

    I've returned to my English Northumbrian Small Pipes project, after putting it aside more than a year ago. First, a view of the "workshop" while working on the project: Here's the state of the project as of a few days ago: And here's the pipe-chanter after boring and partly...
  13. mbeach

    First Scroll Saw Project

    Here is a picture of my first project. Took me right around 3 hours to complete. Thanks PChristy for the pattern! It is not cut at an angle... The picture makes it look like it was. I think I was to close to it when I took the picture.
  14. JackLeg

    Table Project

    Building some custom sized end tables for a neighbor. She wants them "rustic", so I think this will qualify!! This is the smaller one, I have a larger one cut out. Thank goodness for Kreg! Yep, it's cypress! LOL! Thanks for looking.
  15. MarkE

    Figured out my next project

    Took one look out in the back yard and figured out what my next woodworking project is going to be. AN ARK! Anyone got any plans? Should be about 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits.
  16. Douglas Robinson

    New family project

    My 9 year old son came to me this Am and asked if I could build hime a shelf. I asked what for and where. He replied he wanted it to keep his legos on. He wants 3 or 4r shelves in a bookcase. Right now his room looks like Dresden after the war (if Dresden had been bult of Legos):wsmile...
  17. Mike Davis

    Project for my work

    This is a project I did to help the guys at work. They need a form to stretch fabric tubes over for inspection. It involves turning, flat work and some sculpting that is inside the plastic. I made filler blocks of maple to reinforce the corners. It has to be adjustable for different size...
  18. S

    My latest project

    Yeah, I know its not a great piece of good looking furniture but it makes me happy that I was able to build something with limited skills :)
  19. Mt. Gomer

    Belated Gloats, Shop Pics, and Project Pics

    Ok, I'm waaaaayyyyyyy, way behind the times on getting my pics posted. Soo, I'm starting one massive, probably somewhat obnoxious thread to get caught up. I mentioned in my introduction post that my current shop got a serious jumpstart when a friend unfortunatley had to give up woodworking for...
  20. jtdums

    Community Woodworker Project upcoming in Mooresville

    Dear NCWWers in the Mooresville area, We need some good hands to help build a community playground at the Lowe's YMCA March 10th-March 14th. This is a great project to get involved in the community and help build a town playground for kids. It is not a bolt together playground. That's why some...

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