1. Jon

    Going to look at a Performax 22/44 sander tomorrow.

    Is there anything I should look at to see if its damaged or needs work on it? He says the belt has a small tear in it like 3/4 inch. other than that he says its in great shape.
  2. NCPete

    Performax 16-32

    found on Charlotte's CL may have been posted before, apologies if so.
  3. T

    Performax 22-44 Drum Sander $700 shipped

    Taken from another forum. The model on sale is the 649004k. They also have the 16/32-inch model on sale for $574 shipped. Also a steal.
  4. Touchwood

    [How Do I-Classifieds] Performax sander

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: SteveColes ===================================== Steve, Thanks a million for all the help yesterday. I successfully posted my where do you look for responses? Don
  5. Touchwood

    Performax Sander

    I guess I bought this sander about 10 years ago (from Tarheel Filing, when Tom was still selling equipment) I was heavy into Shaker furniture at the time and thought this would be great for glued up panel sanding...which it is. This the same sander that's now called a SuperMax ShopPro 25...
  6. Touchwood

    Performax Sander

    Hey guys, I've decided to sell my 25" Performax ShopPro Sander. I'll put the details in the "things for sale" forum Don
  7. mshel

    Performax 22-44 conveyor belt

    Anyone know who has the best price on a replacement conveyor belt for a 22-44? Mine is on it's last leg and needs replacing soooon. Mike
  8. mshel

    Performax 22-44 conveyor belt

    Anyone know where I could get a rubberized replacement conveyor belt for the performax? Might as well bite the bullet and get one rather than continually replace the regular type belts. Since I don't use it regularly, the belt has a tendency to take a set and with the problem of the seams...
  9. Performax 22-44 Plus

    Performax 22-44 Plus

    Side View w/ in-out feed tables installed.
  10. Performax 22-44 Plus

    Performax 22-44 Plus

    Unboxed and initial assmebly complete. Still need to install the in-out feed tables.
  11. Performax 22-44 Plus

    Performax 22-44 Plus

    Finally received the Performax 22-44 drum Sander I bought at the Charlotte WW Show.

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