1. S

    Finishing wood with bright blue or green, special need

    I have a request to make some wood trophy mounts in green and blue. We are trying to convince the end-customer to go with a natural wood and just use a name plate of the desired color. In the event that doesn't work, I am trying to find a way to finish the final product in these colors. It...
  2. B

    Painting New Furniture....pre or post assembly?

    i know pinterest and the internets are full of people taking really nice furniture and painting over it. those are crimes but that is not what i'm doing. i built this piece to be painted out of B-grade maple. its maple with the blue and green streaks in it. hardwood but not pretty wood. it was...
  3. T

    Grizzly tools touch up paint

    I recently purchased a used Grizzly G1018 jointer. Right now it's completely disassembled for cleaning and awaiting a few new parts to fine tune it. I now have decided to re-paint the stand and jointer prior to reassembly. Has anyone out there with an older Grizzly tool (approx 1995-2000)...
  4. R

    How do you get a factory finish with oil base paint

    I am getting ready to spray the outside of some cabinets I've made and I started with a Zinnser primer. I have an Earlex 5500 and an oil base white paint. When using latex, I've added floetrol, thinned and also added a minwax polycrylic to the paint with good success. How can I get that same...
  5. wdkits1

    I like a challenge#3--The Paint Job

    Although The cornsheller doesn't require a paint job to make it functional, I think it adds a whole lot to the overall appeal to the project and does add a little bit of historical value. In order to make the frame of the cornsheller look old, I begin by sanding all of the frame components...
  6. F

    Gloss white finish: lacquer or paint?

    I've got a piece I'm working on that the client wants in gloss white when finished. I'm building it frame and panel style out of birch and poplar. I'll be spraying the finish. Should I go with a white pre-cat lacquer, or oil-base paint? And does any sort of sanding sealer help in this...
  7. Truefire

    Looking 1/2 pint paint cans...any suggestions.

    Hey guys i am looking for about a dozen 1/2 pint paint cans with the lids. I have searched high and low online but not really needing over 200+ cans. or either one gets the "must order $100.00 minimum".. What am i to do with 200, 1/2 pint cans...goodness.:no: Where has the customer service...
  8. buildintechie

    Strip Decking Paint

    All- My house's deck is badly in need of a new coat of paint. However, I don't really want to paint it again...I'd rather stain it. How would ya'll recommend I strip the paint? Hand scraper...sander...or pressure washer. I've got between 300 and 400 SF of deck, plus handrails and spindles...
  9. b4man

    Chalk paint?

    Is anyone familiar with chalk paint? I was sent a link to a finishing site that uses this type of paint mostly for faux and refinishing. I'm curious because it advertises it needs no prep to stick to most "everything" and mostly is finished with wax. I also would like to know more about wax...
  10. Joe Scharle

    Exterior Paint Q for our collective mind.

    I'll be starting some exterior frame & panel shutters in cypress soon. I haven't kept up with the paint industry, so I'm asking: Oil or Water? I built them from SYP 15 years ago and painted them with Rustoleum enamel.
  11. Mt. Gomer

    Paint Sprayers

    I've got a good deal of painting to do on my rental unit. Given the time frame I'm wondering if it would be wise to look at one of the consumer grade paint sprayers or powered rollers that are constantly being advertised. Can anyone offer any advice on these? Are they worth the money? Do...
  12. Tarhead

    Apply Drywall Mud With a Paint Roller

    This is a great idea!
  13. Bryan S

    Paint the Birdhouse MawMaw?- First Project

    That is how our grandson woke up mawmaw a while back at 6:30 on a Saturday morning. This is Wesley's very first project, it was a feeder kit but, he did the painting all by himself. All mawmaw did was open the watercolors. He could not wait for us to take a picture. It is the closest thing I...
  14. mbeach

    Paint Stripping on Wood Furniture

    My wife and I just bought a dresser and a twin sleigh bed from a consignment furniture store. Does anyone know anyone that will strip the paint off of these? Or have recomendation on how to do it myself.
  15. blazeman45

    Polyurethane Over Paint

    Building my screen porch and I am painting a portion of the inside and the rest is going to be natural finished cypress. Anyone had any bad experiences with shooting poly over paint. I am using exterior paint and dont want to have to mask everything out when I spray the cypress. Thanks guys!!
  16. rcflyer23

    Jelly Cupboard Build Update Got my Paint on **** FINISHED **** 06/19/10

    Well I couldn't let my dad(JCraig) have all the fun. I have had this Jelly Cupboard staring me in the face for a who knows probably a few months and finally decided it was time to get it out of the shop. I used milk paint on the inside and out with the exception of the top which I stained...
  17. merrill77

    Latex primer under oil-based paint?

    I've got some oil-based porch & deck paint. And I have some latex-based wall primer. I know there was a post on this in the past few months, but my google-fu has failed me. The paint can says to prepare wood surfaces with an enamel undercoater. My wood already has paint on it, which I had...
  18. WoodWrangler

    Project: Piano Bench in Black Paint

    Another friend heard of the piano bench build-a-thon taking place at my shop, and decided he wanted one. He didn't have as much free time as I did, so I took this one on by myself. Nothing fancy, and no storage, this piano bench is a little smaller than the other one (see other thread). This...
  19. Pine Cupboard

    Pine Cupboard

  20. Pewter Cupboard

    Pewter Cupboard

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