1. Bryan S

    Member Spotted while Down East.

    The misses and I were cruising the Seafood Festival in Morehead city this past weekend, stuffing ourselves with all kinds of nice, healthy, deep fried goodies and checking out the displays. We were just glad to be outside, after being cooped up in a small mobile home during the previous days...
  2. froglips

    New Member Chat: Guest Speaker Series featuring Scott Smith

    Yes, there is another fantastic announcement to come out of last nights Chat! Introducing our first "Guest Speaker"! This months special guest is QSRO Guru, lumber guy and LARGE tool aficionado Scott Smith (scsmith42)! Scott runs an amazing operation specializing in the milling and...
  3. froglips


    I'd like to share with you one of two of the thrilling, earth shattering and potentially game changing announcements we made in last nights Welcome New Member Chat! The "Chat Contest!" This weeks contest is "Guess the number of segments in an Earl Rasmussen turning"! You can submit your...
  4. Z

    New Member from Columbia, SC

    Hi Y'all, I found this site while searching for a woodworking group in South Carolina. I started woodworking with my grandfather about 20 years ago and just started getting back into the hobby recently. I mainly build cabinets and tables, but have made a few other smaller projects. Zach
  5. leftoflefty

    New member from Conover, NC

    Hello all. Name is Ricky and I live in Conover, NC. I'm new to woodworking (about a year in). I'm glad to find this community of fellow woodworkers. I hope to learn alot from everyone here. :eusa_danc I'm a big fan of the large bank of smilies!
  6. A

    New Kernersville member

    Hey All, I'm Larry(Arnie) Arnold. I recently retired and decided to try woodworking as a hobby and have been making toys for my grandsons. Looking forward to meeting some of you.
  7. 09woodie22

    New Virginia Member

    Hello all! Just joined in... work in N.C., have family in Hickory, so connections a natural. Work close to Wall Lumber in Mayodan. I am older... actually old enough to be a Vietnam Vet -- someone asked me if we still used swords then! They weren't serious. Built a shop over the winter and...
  8. MomNextDoor

    New Jigsaw, New Member, Not-New-Mom

    Apologies if this is posted twice, not sure what I'm doing. I found this site while looking for a wooden baby rattle to purchase. (Still haven't found). I recently bought a jigsaw to do a little scroll piece for a simple window seat I made. While it was really fun, I'm still afraid of...
  9. cskipper

    Remove Steve's name as staff member on forums

    Do we need to take Steve's name off the Staff announcement forum on the odd chance someone might think he is still in that role?
  10. scsmith42

    NCWW Member Gregory Paolini in Oct FWW Magazine!!!

    It's always a good day when a new woodworking magazine arrives at the farm, but it's an even better day when one of our own North Carolina Woodworker members has an article in a respected magazine. We have several members who have contributed to, or otherwise appeared in magazines, and they...
  11. B

    New Virginia member

    Good day all! I just joined and am working through the site! I live in Fairfax, VA and am a free lance news cameraman. I spent many years working in a cabinet and display shop and am hoping to return to those roots......for my sanity! I look forward to all of the benefits I know I will get from...
  12. D

    New Member in Havelock

    I am not much for words so I'll keep it short. My dad introduced me to woodworking when I was a small child and I can't think of too many things around the house that he didn't have a hand in making. I always wanted to be handy like that so I started taking on projects that were way ahead of...
  13. M

    New member, new to wood working, Fayetteville, NC

    Greetings, one and all. The way I found this site is kind of round-about. You see, I'm not a wood worker, at least, not yet. We'll see if I ever turn into one. Here's the story. I am in the Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan. A short while ago I was home in Fayetteville on R&R...
  14. R

    New Member from France?

    Our latest new member, ioannes65, has an IP address, , that resolves to Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azu, France. Oliver is reading threads at the moment. He offered very little in the way of profile data.
  15. LloydP

    New(er) member from Garner

    Hello all. I have been lurking on the site for awhile - and I have to say this is a tremendous resource! I have been building some cabinets and furniture, mostly rustic furniture for a lake house we recently finished on Kerr Lake. Like many of you, I spend much of my time convincing the LOML...
  16. W

    New Member from Angier

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Will Buckles from Angier, NC. I am new to the web site and new to wood working in general. I have always thought it would be a good hobby, but until recently have not had the time, nor space, to pursue it. I have not...
  17. rgmcnabb

    New member near Chattanooga

    Greetings! New member here from near Chattanooga, TN. I'm glad to find a forum like this that is local. I'm a disciple of Roy Underhill, and have been working with wood for nearly 20 years. I built my own log cabin (skidded the logs with a horse) and a timber frame addition, also built...
  18. AllanD

    New member from Charlotte area

    I found this group when searching for some wood, what luck! I live in Union county just west of Charlotte near Matthews. I started working wood in the mid seventies, my last project of any size was a teak drift boat (I love to fly fish) that I worked on off and on for about three years. I...
  19. Trent Mason

    New Member Chat is going on!

    Come one, come all! :occasion1
  20. JackLeg

    Sold Cypress-Met Fellow NCWW Member

    This afternoon I made a little trip over to Concord and met EricS, a fellow woodworker. Eric is a nice guy and an interesting one! :icon_thum We share many of the same interests. (He's really a redneck from upstate NY!) :gar-La; He's into organic farming and bee keeping as well as...

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