1. zapdafish

    am I missing any cyclone makers

    I am trying to upgrade my dust collector and the two models I want are not in stock. One is no ETA and the other is December. This is a list of the companies I looked at, am I missing any? Clearview - no wheeled units Oneida - CFM/$ compared to others is high Jds * - 2hp cyclone, early...
  2. froglips

    Nicholson Cabinet Makers Rasps @ Jamestown Distributors

    This is a pretty fantastic price on these two Cabinet Makers Rasps. #49 2nd Cut $29.99 / ea List: $48.94 / ea You Save: $18.95 #50 Smooth Cut $34.99 / ea List: $58.51 / ea You Save: $23.52
  3. D

    chair makers?

    Wondering how many of you have made chairs similar to John Alexander, Brian Boggs, etc? How did you get started? How long does the process take? Did you make your own shave horse? etc etc etc.
  4. S

    knife makers question

    A neighbor just asked me if I could replace a wooden handle on his favorite kitchen knife. The halves were rivited in. It looks like the rivet may have broken (he only brought the blade). Is there any certain type rivet I should use? Where do you find knife kits? :help:
  5. 02blues

    help making a wood stamp makers mark...

    Does anyone know where I can have a makers mark stamp made? I want to stamp an impression into the wood (like the plane makers did...the wood will be the only one impressed I'm sure...). Found one called infinity stamps Inc I think that will make one starting at $140. others? and NO I have...
  6. PChristy

    Bottle stopper makers look what I have

    Arrived today:eusa_danc View image in gallery Will start sorting them out today - Since I am not working:BangHead: Now I really need to sale these stoppers
  7. PChristy

    Bottle Stopper makers question

    I turned a bottle stopper tonight out of Macadameon Nut (I don't think that is spelled right) any way after I got through with it I tried to take it off and it was so tight it would not move AT ALL:no: Anyone ever had that problem
  8. PChristy

    Pen Makers I have a question

    What do you think about this Do you use something like it? Do you use a clamp to press the kits together Have you made a homemade device to do this with Me and the clamp method not getting alone
  9. PChristy

    Bottle Stopper makers

    When you do the final assembly by applying either the Epoxy or the CA and then turn the stopper into the top does any of yours get real tight about 75% of the way in? If so how do you get it to turn the rest of the way in?
  10. L

    Custom Furniture Makers?

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I am hoping to find a custom furniture maker who can replicate an antique canopy or half tester bed in a king size. I love the look of these antique beds but not the small size. I understand this will not be an economical...
  11. sediener

    Good news for wood toy makers:,0,6917858.story
  12. WoodWrangler

    Pattern Makers Vise

    Anyone have this $200 pattern makers vise? I'd like some thoughts on the quality. At that price it's MUCH cheaper than similar clones (which are upwards of $600 - $800). I came across it in a Popular Woodworking August 2002 issue and it caught my eye. Same price today as it was back then...
  13. H

    Any knife makers? I need help

    Short version:: Can anyone point me to a beginner level resources for knife making (kitchen chef's type knives), or talk me through the process of attaching wood handles to a sharpened blade that has through holes for handle attachment? Long version: I've made a few cutting boards (3 or 4)...
  14. michaelgarner

    Emmert Pattern Makers Vise

    Ok big spenders here is a good one. MSHEL nabbed one of thease and did a wonderful job at restoring it Im not even going to bid on this...

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