hf 12

  1. Wolfpacker

    HF 12" combo square set

    Almost forgot !! I have another HF coupon that expires Thursday and don't know if it would be very useful or not. It's a 12" combo square set for $6.99, reg price is $9.99. If you have one, how useful do you find it ? I have a couple of framing squares and 12" regular sliding squares...
  2. S

    HF 12" Digital Height Gauge -$13

    Need to print out page for local HF to honor Inet pricing! http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=93488 12" Digital Height Gauge Easy-to-read LCD display SAE and Metric readings Stainless steel magnetic column Carbide tipped scribe Sturdy cast iron base...
  3. liftnaleg1

    HF 12" planner

    Guys I have a person that is selling a HF 12" planner and it is still in the box and has 2.5hp motor.....Do you guys think this is worth a $100.00? Seems to run good and we ran a pcs of Pine through it and it seemed to plane it fine. The pcs of pine was the first board ever ran through it...

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