hand plane

  1. D

    Best way to dimension rough lumber with hand tools only

    Hi everyone, I'm new to NCWW and relatively new to woodworking, although I grew up helping my Dad and as a mechanical engineer I'm not totally ignorant of making things. I've basically gone from zero to all the hand tools in the world over the last few months, trying my best to get everything I...
  2. M

    Restoring old hand planes

    Hello everyone!! I hope this is the right place for this post. I have acquired a variety of hand planes from my grandfather and my wife’s grandfather when they passed away. Unfortunately they all need a bunch of work to be restored. I keep saying I’m going to do it but can never find time...
  3. D

    interesting plane

    I was browsing hand planes to relax before bed and found this on Rockler. What are your thoughts, aside from the price tag?
  4. No.5 and Gift Box

    No.5 and Gift Box

    I restored this and made the box for a friend
  5. oldetoolworkshop

    Christmas Present / Tool Gloat

    Hey All, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My wife is the best, I really mean it, this is what she gave me for Christmas: a Lie-Nielsen Number 4 Bronze smoothing plane! Really, I could not believe it. -Aaron Olde Tool Workshop
  6. N

    Need a hand plane knob

    I am fixing up an old Craftsman hand plane (3cbb) I bought some time ago. It's currently missing the front knob. I would be happy buying one if anyone can easily make one - OR - since I'm still learning (and don't own a lathe), I'd love to come watch and learn some lathe stuff. I live in Apex...
  7. D

    Lie Nielsen Customer Service

    Knocked my #164 off of my bench last night and cracked the handle, although not a scratch on the iron. Called Lie Neilsen an hour ago and a new FREE handle is already in the mail, just got a shipping notification. That's customer service!! Other companies should take lessons from them. It...
  8. F

    My first hand plane purchase!!

    I just purchased my first planes today. After looking around a little online, I decided to look for a used one that had a few years of age on it. Super excited about them. I now need to read up on how to properly sharpen the blade and get the plane set correctly. I purchased two planes. From...
  9. jonnyfontaine

    Best vintage plane irons that'll fit a modern plane

    I know a lot has been written about how so old irons are as good if not better than new and aftermarket planes. There's a plane iron called STS (I think) that tapers to 1/4" thick at the cutter. Does anyone know of that would fit with a modern chip breaker. Or can anyone recommend any other...
  10. jonnyfontaine

    Does owning power machines (I.e. Jointer) hurt hanplanimg technique

    I recently purchased an 8" jointer bit I have been flattening amd squaring board for a long time. I don't want my planing skills to diminish now that I'll have the jointer so if any of you guys have any experience with keeping up hand plane skill. Any and all help appriciated, Jonny
  11. M

    Sturnella Toolworks Infill Smoother Build

    Hi all I finished up my infill and blogged about it. Thought you all might like to read it. http://unit5.tumblr.com/post/61302297064/sturnella-toolworks-smoother Matt
  12. donald.woolley

    Hand Plane Mystery

    I have a plane that I have exhausted my information sources on, so I was hoping that someone else may have seen something like it. As far as I can tell, it started out as a pretty normal German-style wooden trying plane—about 22 inches long with a Goldenberg marked double iron about 2-3/8 wide...
  13. rcflyer23

    I think I'm falling in Love

    Last night I had a chance to mess around with one of my hand planes I bought at an Antique show a few weeks back. I have done nothing to it yet I just wanted to play with it and see if I could figure the thing out. What a ton of fun. I can't wait to get both of them tuned up and use them on...

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