1. Stuart Kent

    Lumber for Sale Eastern NC

    Hello all, I have about 10,000 BF of exotics for sale. My shop is in Ayden, near Greenville if you want to come peruse. I have to meet by appointment right now because I have a lot of work going on, but please give me a call if your interested. I have some beautiful wide boards in the piles, and...
  2. Stuart Kent

    very nice write up from Mary May!

    Mary May taught a fantastic 2 day carving class at The North Carolina Furniture School recently and shared this write up with me so I thought I would share it with you. She was delightful to host and I look forward to having her teach another workshop next year!
  3. Stuart Kent

    a little shout out to my friends at EWT

    I made this urn recently, set it down on my assembly table where I had put my smock, and thought it looked like a setup for a killer photo so I took it.
  4. Truefire

    Danville, Virginia to Greenville, NC (large combine)

    Hey guys, wondering if you may have a trucker friend that owns their truck and a low boy trailer and works for hire. I need to get a smaller size combine from Danville, VA to the outlying area of Greenville, NC. Thanks, Chris
  5. D

    Hello from Greenville, SC

    Greetings to all. I am a hobbiest woodworker. Day job is accounting. I been messing about with wood for 40+ years. 3 years we built our first house which has a great basement. My shop occupies a significant portion. My latest project is to put in real dust collection with a cyclone. Dan
  6. N

    Where do you get your wood from in Greenville

    I've been using pine to make some things around the house, but I wanted to try and use some other types of wood (i.e. oak). I've been purchasing wood from Lowes since that is what is readily available to me. I do not have a planer as of now, so I'm guessing that my options are extremely limited...
  7. J

    PE offering: From Raleigh to Greenville, SC

    Hey guys, Kind of short notice but it looks like I may be heading to the Greenville, SC area and back on Saturday. I will be going down empty in a pick up truck and coming back with some room left. Let me know. My cell number is 919-637-7835, I will be in and out tomorrow, so calling might be...
  8. W (Greenville, SC)

    Here's an email from the folks at that I received this morning. Most of you are probably on their email list, but I thought I would post this for those that may not know they exist... Mike Here is what we have in stock right now. Keep in mind, we can get anything in you...
  9. Ken Massingale

    Sears Router Crafter $25 Greenville SC and I snatched it this morning!:icon_cheers I drove over and waited for the store to open.
  10. Vetteman9956

    Laguna Band Saw - $1200 (Greenville)

    Just saw this on the eastern NC Craigs List if anybody's interested. Laguna Band saw for sale. Awesome machine, economy forces sale. This is the Cadillac of band saws and is definitely not the cheapest. But, you simply can't find a better...
  11. Ken Massingale

    1400 Bd. Ft. Cherry $700, Greenville SC
  12. Ken Massingale

    Laguna LT18 $2200, Greenville, S.C.

    Unfortunately it's not mine.
  13. Truefire

    Anyone have cedar posts (rough) living near Greenville?

    Hey Guys does anyone oof you have any 8-10" diameter rough cut cedar posts or familiar with anyone near the Greenville area that may have such? I am looking for small logs basically cut from cedar trees that have been cured out, I want the bark intact and they need to be fairly stout to support...
  14. Ncdawgs1882

    I Found a Great Deal at HF Greenville!!

    I Just got Back From HF & look what I got for 25 bucks!!! it retails for 119$ they still have a few more but they were going quick! the guy said they were shipped from another store & they were told to sell them at that price!:gar-Bi
  15. CarvedTones

    Charlotte to Greenville, SC after April 12th

    I posted a request ealier for Raleigh/Cary to Grennville, SC: and I got a response from someone who could get it to Charlotte on the 12th. If anyone can take it from there on down, let me know. Otherwise I may just ship the box. Shouldn't...
  16. CarvedTones

    Raleigh/Cary to Greenville, SC

    To send a few hand tools to one of our upstate SC members.
  17. Tarhead

    Empty Tundra Traveling Concord to Greenville

    Open offer, work paying for gas. Route is via Apex and Wilson heading east, 264/40/85 heading west. Going this Thursday 3/13 AM returning Friday 3/14 PM. PM or respond to this thread if you need anything transferred.
  18. Ncdawgs1882

    Hey from Greenville NC

    Hey folks my name is Jonathan & I've been doing woodworking for about 2 months now! actually Scrollsaw work but I get my shop smith in next month & that opens alot of possibilities for making different things! Cant wait to meet all of you & share techniques & stories...
  19. cpw

    CL - Greenville, SC - NEW Jet JWTS-10 - $350

    I just check Woodcraft and Amazon and both have these at $499.99 - unless it's damaged... **Moderators note** This listing has been deleted

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