1. Tarhead

    How would you cut a 2" square window into a fiber drum?

    Ethan Poole's modification here: has me thinking that I should do the same on my dust collection drum. The only problem is I'm using a fiber drum and I don't want to booger it up. How would you do this on a fiber drum? Drill then Jigsaw? (I know there are a few whiz bang full dust bin...
  2. manirban73

    Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with carbon fiber reinforcement? As some of you all may be aware, I'm working on refurbing a musical instrument with a curved neck, and I was thinking about reinforcing it with a carbon fiber strip. My basic question is if a carbon fiber strip...
  3. J

    40 galllon fiber drums-$10

    These are perfect for use with either a cyclone, or Phil Thien separator (ask Bas.). Currently listed in "Farm and Garden" section of RDU Craigs list. The plastic lid is easier to make a hole in. You use a piece of wood with two nails in it. One is the pivot, and the other is the cutter. Make...

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