1. CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test 2

    CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test 2

  2. CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test

    CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test

    CNC Engraved business cards. This is an attempt to use a rotary tool to engrave wood for our cards.
  3. CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test

    CNC Engraved Biz Cards - Test

    CNC Engraved business cards. This is an attempt to use a rotary tool to engrave wood for our cards.
  4. MikeH

    Laser Engraving...

    Does anyone know of anyone that does laser ingraving? I've got some pens and possibly some wine bottle stoppers that I'm going to need engraved before Christmas.
  5. Truefire

    Looking/needing scrimshaw work or either laser engraving work done

    Hi guys i am currently searching for someone that is trustworthy (1) and capable (2) of rendering scrimshaw work or either laser engraving on some duck call barrels of mine. I am in the process of making some custom calls for a customer and he desires to have full names of some friends on the...
  6. sawduster

    50 cal shell engraving

    I am working on a very special commision for a deployed service member on the USS Monterey. I need to find someone who can do some simple engraving on a 50 cal shell . Name on one side , short phrase on the other . Anyone got any suggestions ? i live in Youngsville so the closer the better . BTW...
  7. W

    Hello from Shawn and WDT Laser Engraving

    Hello everyone! I have lived in NC my whole life and it is a beautiful State. I have a wonderful wife and an awesome little boy. I also teach at a Community College and my wife and I are very active in our church. We also do laser engraving on the side. I was looking on line and ran across this...
  8. mkepke

    Laser engraving questions

    :help: I am interested in trying some laser-engraving (out-source) some wood projects. Is there a minimum thickness for engraving wood ? I'd like to be able to engrave wood as thin as 1/16" (shop-cut veneer). Can a laser engraver both etch (ablate) and make through cuts (piercings) ? For...
  9. Kyle

    Epilog Laser engraving.

    Does anyone on the Ncwoodworking site offer this as a service? Thanks.. kyle
  10. Kenith

    New resource in area

    I met one of Julie's Kindermusik families this weekend. These folks live here in Clayton and the husband has a unique hobby. Laser engraving...this guy has the whole setup and could be a great resource for any of us doing custom and quality woodwork. Check out his website...
  11. W

    Stainless/Brass Decorative Engraving

    I did some searches on the forums but didn't see this topic come up. I'm midway through on some outdoor Adirondack style chairs and the LOML asked if I could get some small decorative plates to attach to the chairs with each of our names engraved on each chair. Anybody have any ideas? My my...
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Recommendations: Laser Engraving for Pens

    Can anyone recommend someone to do some laser engravings for some pens? Thanks Doug
  13. WoodWrangler

    Baseball Bat & Engraving

    Last week I turned a baseball bat for my nephew as a Christmas gift. Then today the LOML took the bat to Waxhaw to Karstedt Enterprises (John Karstedt 704-843-5308 ) and we had it custom engraved (to look much like a Louisville Slugger, no doubt!). Turned out great, I think and Karstedt provides...
  14. Gone2dMtns

    Engraving House Numbers - How to?

    Most of my woodworking can be classified under the "construction" category so I'm not really up to par on the finer details of craftsmanship. I would like to make a house number sign out of a piece of white oak and have a couple of questions; What type of router bit would be appropriate? What...
  15. R

    Laser Engraving

    I have an idea for a project and need some images burned into wood with a laser. Can any one recommend someone to do this for me? Rick Doby
  16. C

    Laser engraving.. for those interested

    I had a customer order a pen with a name engraved on it. I thought I would post the results in case anyone else is interested in this service. Engraving is $5. If you want the engraving color filled it is an extra $3. Return shipping is free. This pen is gold color filled. Generally, I...

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