1. cyclopentadiene

    WIP Elevated top table with curved tapered legs

    Attached are photos from the dry fit of my latest project. The table is made of walnut. The top is 15 1/2 " x 35" single board elevated 1/2" above the legs and 1/4" from the rails. The legs are tapered in both directions with a slight curve. This was my dry fit which seems to work well. I plan...
  2. elevated_table_4


    Walnut table with elevated top, top and leg view
  3. elevated_table_3


    Walnut table with elevated top dry fit
  4. elevated_table_2


    Walnut table with elevated top leg detail
  5. elevated_table_1


    Walnut table with elevated top end view
  6. B

    Elevated deer stand ?

    I'm new to the site and loving it so far. I just recently built my own 20X20 workshop and have been gathering idea's for workbenches from the site. Lots of great info on here. Anyways I'm wanting to build an elevated deer stand to hunt in when the weather is bad or when the wife or my six year...
  7. B

    Elevated Dog Bowl Project

    Several weeks ago I started a project for a co-worker of mine. He has a doberman pinscher and wanted to elevate her water and food bowls. Apparently it is bad for a tall dog's back to eat so near the floor. I've never owned a large dog and never thought about that. None the less, it gave me...

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