1. Joe Lyddon

    Plywood Edge Trimming...

    In my last issue of Woodsmith, #175, they are using edg trimming several ways... which has me a little confused. One set of plans has: T&G edge with the Toungue on the plywood and the Groove in the Hardwood. Glued straight to flat edges. In another set of plans: T&G edge with the...
  2. jglord

    Inexpensive straight edge

    While working in Bill Anderson's beautiful shop during a hand planing class, we used some aluminum straight edges. They seemed to work well. The tip is he purchased an 8 foot length of aluminum bar stock from his local BORG. Cut a 4', 2' 18", and 6" piece, filed the cuts, and drilled a hole...
  3. T

    HELP! Bandsaw not cutting parallel to stock edge

    I am trying to make 3/8" check cuts on 3 1/2" wide tenons. The problem is the bandsaw is not cutting parallel. I have the saw set up correctly with a new blade. Blade is square to the table, table is square to the fence, fence is parallel to the blade, the stock is square but the cuts are off...
  4. rick7938

    Router with Edge Guide and In Table

    I'm wanting to use my router with edge guide and also my router table to cut mortises for loose tenons. Please help me get this right the first time: 1. If I am routing a mortise with edge guide and the edge guide is at 12 o'clock, do I cut the mortise from right to left or left to right to...
  5. Bryan S

    Router edge guide

    I have the DW 618 router kit and have a project where an edge guide would come in handy. I am considering this one. Any opinions on the Dewalt guide, or sugestions for another. I really like the double edge guide Pat Warner makes but just cant bring myself to spend that much. The LOML has been...
  6. H

    Straight Edge Guide for Hitachi Hitachi KM12VC?

    I'm seaching for a straight-edge guide for a Hitachi KM12VC router kit that I'm looking at. It's the kit with both fixed and plunge bases. Would be nice to find an edge guide made by Hitachi, but I'm not having any luck. Anyone know of a guide that may work in this model...
  7. NZAPP1

    Square edge bowl

    I did manage to get some shop time yesterday and today not much but enough to finish this square edge bowl. One of the first bowls I turned was square edged and my wife has been asking for a matching one for the other table, So here it is. the This is the first one the one I finished today
  8. J

    Edge gluing with epoxy didn't work so well

    Well I figured I would give epoxy / sawdust mix a try. I edge glued three white oaks boards together. One of the edge glued joints failed and also 1" band I glued to the endgrain. I'm sure it was something I did wrong. I mixed up appox equal parts resin / hardner / fine saw dust from my belt...
  9. NZAPP1

    Turning a natural edge end grain bowl

    I found this article and thought I would share it. http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/email/pdf/end_grain_bowl.pdf
  10. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Edge Banding of Shelf Sides and Shelves.
  11. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Edge Banding glue up
  12. DavidF

    Birch ply, maple edge

    This is mainly for Travis Porte, but thought others may be interested. Travis was thinking about edging Birch ply with solid wood, but was concerned about it showing too obviously. These are pictures of a piece with Birch Ply shelves with hard maple edging and a black walnut inlay, I think the...
  13. T

    Plywood Storage: flat or on edge????

    I am looking for advice on storing sheet goods. I would rather store on edge for space savings and ease of access but it seems to warp over time. I noticed that it is shipped and stored at the lumber yard flat. Thanks.
  14. Canuck

    Solid Wood Edge Banding?

    Have a pretty elementary question. (from a typical newbie:BangHead: ) If I am using solid wood for 3/4" plywood edge banding, how do I prepare the plywood edge? Do I just depend on the accuracy of my TS or should I cut the ply a wee bit oversize and make a couple of passes with a flush trim...
  15. michaelgarner

    6"x80" Edge Sander

    Ok people I had to drop this one on the site, I was browsing ebay looking for sanders,, well Low-and-behold I found this bad boy. It is a 6"x80" edge sander for 179.00. It is an off market brand called "ProWoodworker" I know its not top of the line, but come on, its a big machine that runs...
  16. DaveO

    Free hand routing w/ straight edge

    When routing a daddo with a single straight edge like a Clamp-n-guide, what is the best side to run the router on. I would think that the router would have the tendency to pull to one side, and that would be the side to have the guide on. Dave:-)

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