1. Truefire

    Inquiring about saw mills in eastern nc

    Hi Guys my name is Chris and I am within the next week or two going to cut down a huge Red Oak tree and a Pecan tree. I am planning on drying out the lumber and am wondering if June is a good time to cut the tree down in regards to drying the wood out with ease a little later on. Or should we...
  2. LeeNC

    Eastern Red Cedar

    What would be a fair rate for rough 4/4 Eastern Red Cedar? LeeNC
  3. J

    Applying the nasty 5 letter word to Eastern Red Cedar

    No doubt ERC is beautiful fresh off the planer, but it's brilliance soon fades if a finish isn't applied quickly. It turns from a bright red, purple and white to a brownish tint heading on it's way to gray. I have a rather large outdoor ERC project I need to finish. Although I am dead set...
  4. jsjordan

    On the Road Again: Eastern NC to Knightdale

    I'm down east near Emerald Isle NC traveling back to Knightdale on Sunday. I know this is short notice, but I can offer Pony Express service back to Knightdale as long as the item can fit into the F-150. PM me to discuss. :icon_thum
  5. J

    Lumber run #4 - Eastern Red Cedar forsale

    We would like to try lumber run #4 Sunday (Feb 25th) in the Harbor Freight parking lot in Raleigh off capital blvd (US 1) around 11:00 AM. I Think I can get 1200BF of cedar on my trailer, since it weighs less than hardwood. This time we would like to try an all eastern red cedar run. We have...
  6. J

    Gauging Interest - Eastern Red Cedar

    As many of you know - I've been looking for ERC saw logs, I've depleted 3 farmers around here and am about to deplete another. Farmers tend to gather up cedars when they clear property, in hopes of one day making a fence row. What typically happens is after a few years, their plans change and...
  7. BobN

    Eastern Elm

    Saw the following ad in the Cary paper. I don't know anything about it, just putting it here for anyone that might be interested. " WOODTURNERS, lavish red-grained Eastern Elm, raw wood lengths, various sizes. Best offer. Call 919-929-9702." That's exactly as the ad appeared in the paper...
  8. SkintKnuckle

    Eastern Cedar Question

    I've been thinking about building a cedar chest for my next project. Can anyone comment on how eastern cedar works? Also, looking at the websites, generally the moisture content in cedar seems to run higher than in many of the hardwoods, what should the MC be at before I begin. I do have...

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