1. D

    Gnome Forest

    My grandson, Dexter, and the new Gnome Forest. 4 total pieces, all dogwood. The base is 1/2 of a Dogwood root ball. The forest is 7 inches wide and 6 inches tall. My Son and Daughter-in-law think Dexter looks like a gnome. I have to agree, but he is the cutest gnome i have ever seen!
  2. D

    Best reward for my work (better than money!)

    Last June, I made a baby rattle. My daughter-in-law was pregnant and Dexter was born Nov. 7. He is just old enough now to grasp and focus, and I got this photo from my son this past week. The baby rattle is made from Dogwood, sanded to 2000 grit. IF I put any finish on it, it was just walnut...
  3. Dogwood Mallet

    Dogwood Mallet

    The dark stains in this dogwood mallet are caused by the anthracnose fungus that is ravaging the Southern dogwood population
  4. Dogwood Mallet

    Dogwood Mallet

    The dark stains in this dogwood mallet are caused by the anthracnose fungus that is ravaging the Southern dogwood population
  5. D

    my first big segmented piece!

    I guess you would call this a vertical segmented piece. It is about 7" tall. The inner core is walnut, then dogwood (with a little heartwood showing), then another walnut, followed by figured maple on the outer layer. My goal was to see if it would hold together, not how thin I could get...
  6. D

    Dogwood box

    I just joined yesterday, so I am showing projects I have made over the past year right now. I made this Dogwood box for my wife. While the construction is not complex with box corners, I did take my time with the construction. The box is 7 X 9 X 4 1/2". The lid and base are two pieces...
  7. D

    Walnut & Dogwood butcher block board

    My son (32 yr. old) wanted a cutting board, so I took my time and made something that will last him a lifetime! The squares are just under 1" square, and are about 2 inches high. I started with 1 x 1 x 4", and made the basic pattern of the X, by gluing up individual (short) rows, then after...
  8. Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find
  9. Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find
  10. Flute Maker

    Dogwood Find

    View image in gallery In my ride through town I found this dogwood beside the street and as a "Turner" couldn't pass it by. Owner was glad to have me get it !! ... Are there any ideas about what to do with the crotch in this trunk turning wise??
  11. K

    Dogwood for carving?

    This is just a shot in the dark. This weekend I took down a dogwood tree in my front yard, mostly because it was not thriving (probably some blight) and had only one halfway decent branch on it. The main trunk is probably about 6 or 8 inches in diameter near the ground. After I got done...
  12. Mark Stewart

    looking for a small dogwood tree

    Hi there Im looking for a small dogwood tree to make a cane out of. If any one has one let me know and well try to work out something. Thanks Mark
  13. bluchz

    Working with Dogwood?

    Has anyone ever done this? any tip, hints, or should i just not try it?
  14. liftnaleg1

    DogWood,Birdseye,Cherry Burl

    Guys I have a ton of Cherry Burl, BirdseyeMaple, Ambrosia Maple, and DOGWOOD Burl on ebay....My user name is liftnaleg or just do a search on Cherry Burl and look for items located in Newton NC and once you find one click on Seller's other Items
  15. Trent Mason

    Turning dogwood?

    After driving all over town in "the land of pine", with my eyes peeled for the last month or so, I finally saw someone cutting down a tree with gray bark the other day. :eek: So I pulled over and grabbed about a 2' section of trunk with about an 8" diameter. It is dogwood and I was wondering if...
  16. ptt49er

    Dogwood Bowl Blanks

    So one of the recent storms blew down a neighbors dogwood tree. So I asked them if I could have it. (My wife thinks I'm crazy, of course so does my neighbor now.) Well I'm glad I got it. Here's a couple of bowl blanks and what's left after them. Don't mind the 2x4's. They are building a...
  17. ptt49er

    Dogwood Pen

    When my Uncle David passed 21 years ago. One of our neighbors gave my dad a dogwood tree to remember him by. Well we moved and dad took the tree with us. It's never really grown well and finally died. Dad and I dug the tree up and I brought it back to Charlotte. Here's the first pen out of...
  18. russellellis

    Question about dogwood burl drying etc

    so one of my favorite trees at my moms property has to come down. ive climbed this tree since i was a kid. its a rather large dogwood with a huge burl about head height. i would say its about 2 1/2- 3 feet at is widest. i dont have a lathe so i cant turn anything with it. so im wondering the...
  19. Threejs

    Dogwood bowl (my dumpy bowl)

    So I finally got back out in the shop to do some turning. I have been so tired this past month with the newborn, that I have had almost no shop time. Well tonight and last night broke the fast. Here is the first chunk of wood that I removed from the dogwood tree that I hauled back from the...
  20. M

    wtb dogwood

    need some peices of 8/4 dogwood about 4' long :eusa_pray

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