1. V

    newbie from catawba county

    I just registered as a new member. I am fairly new to woodworking as well. My wifes grandfather has recently entered a rest home leaving a stand alone shop with lots of equipment that I plan to use (and upgrade some). He was a high school shop teacher for many years and did a lot of cabinet and...
  2. gator

    Granville County Yard Sale Saturday

    For those in Person, Vance, Durham counties. Disclaimer: I don't know the people and have not seen the tools. This was the yard sale ad in the the local paper for a yard sale Saturday: August 5, 7-3 Tractor and equipment - Massey, Harris Pacer. Jointer and Planer, router w/table, 12"...
  3. adowden

    New Member in Chatham County

    Hi! I am Amy Dowden. I have been in the Raleigh area since I attended NC State in 1990. I have a Materials Science and Engineering degree and worked as a Metallurgist for three years in R&D. I then went back to State for a teaching degree and fell in love with my first woodworking class while...
  4. R

    Hello from Wake County

    Hi All, I'm a long time builder / volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and an occaisional woodworker in my home shop (a.k.a. garage). In the home shop, I've built small furnishings and accessories through some medium size cases, shelves, etc. Ray
  5. H

    Hello from Jackson County

    Another newbie trying to get tools and know-how together:-D Just wanted to say hello:eusa_hand Greg
  6. Gofor

    Hello from Wayne County

    New member. Happy to have found a site with some local info. We (LOML and me) just moved to the Goldsboro area from Florida so wife could be close to family. I'm finally getting back to woodworking (making furniture that will fit the new home). Always loved it, just never before had the time...
  7. L

    News member in Union county

    After a too-long hiatus from shop work, and then having to rebuild and restock the tools after a fire two years ago, I'm finally back into woodworking and metalsmithing [the fire was from a lightning stike]. Does anyone have a lead on someone with a portable saw mill who can rough cut lumber...

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