1. dancam


    Help...I'm trying to list a tool for sale but after selecting "Hand Tool" and "Fixed Price" I hit enter and get back a msg saying my user group is not allowed.
  2. bluthart

    Trouble placing a classified ad.

    I am trying to sell my old jointer and I get this error message... "Your usergroup does not have permission to access this category." Am I missing something???:dontknow:<!-- / main error message --><!-- <input type="submit" class="button" value="Go Back" accesskey="s"...
  3. TracyP

    BOD meeting needed on classified policy

    I would like to call a special meeting to discuss classified ad policy only. I think our policies are strict for most and lax for some. A for instance is the guy that is selling the I heart woodworking license plates. Another concern of mine is Sully. He is using the classified as sort of a...
  4. TracyP

    Classified Ad Removed I deleted this Ad and pm'd the op as to wood sales not allowed in classified ads. Just a fyi........
  5. S

    Classified ad deleted

    I deleted the following ad: It was the recurring ad for the WTB of Belsaw 910 planer. The user in question (tekbox6) has not been on the site in the past two years. When he created the ad, it was set to automatically relist and has...
  6. S

    Classified for FW

    To all that responded to my ad for the issue of FW, It has been taken care of and I'm very grateful for the overwhelming response. Many thanks to all.:eusa_clap Dick
  7. Phil S

    Easier responses to classified ads

    I often run classified ads to give "stuff" away. Other NCWWs respond back to me via comments, PM or Email, I get a notification sent via email to my smart phone but it is very difficult to read the message and impossible to respond. It sure would make my life easier if I could just have all...
  8. NCTurner

    Possible Classified ad issue

    There may be a possible glitch in the classified software, I placed an ad last nite and put in a price, but it wasn't there today. I have also noted several ads as of late missing a price.
  9. froglips

    Classified Ad Policy suggestion add # of days to criteria....

    This was a great point raised by Andrew: Right now, 5 posts lets you place ad's. Do we want to add a "30 day" membership requirement? Or something like that. It would be in line with our DQ policy of "frequency of...
  10. Phil S

    comments in classified

    Is there a way to recover the comments made to a classified ad. I am giving away some lights and doors and posted the announcement in the classified ad forum. Some folks responded via comments and others sent a PM, I am trying to figure who asked for what when but the comments seemed to have...
  11. TracyP

    Classified ad deleted

    I have deleted an ad by Flute maker. He was offering a black powder rifle and scope for trade. I sent a gentle pm explaining that we don't allow firearms on the classifieds.
  12. J

    trying to add pictures to a classified ad that has already been posted?

    Hi, I posted an ad in the classified section on Monday and was able to see the equipment today and take pictures. I would now like to add several pictures to the ad. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks, Jim
  13. b4man

    Classified edit suggestion

    [/B] Could we edit the Classified policy to either put the reference for selling WOOD in bold type or placing it in it's own paragraph? Thanks, me
  14. T

    using classified adds

    Hi I just regestered and joined your site, looks like your doing a great job for us N.C woodworkers. I tried to post an add selling a planer that needs a new home but am unable to access the classified section to sell items as the adds section does not accept my name and password. Is there...
  15. froglips

    Possible commercial classified post....

    For some reason, this particular member stuck with me. Here was his first run in: Deal is, he came to a new member chat and hounded members offering his re-used poly-plastic stuff. He runs a reuse/recycle business out...
  16. Bas

    Classified Ads policy updated

    I updated the Classified Ads policy to indicate that wood-related sales go into the Wood forum, not the Classifieds. This was discussed some time ago to ensure the Classifieds were not unfairly competing with our paying advertises on the front page, but the text was never updated to reflect...
  17. froglips

    Change to Classified Forums......

    In preparation for adding our NCWW Mobile, we are disabling a feature that most of you may not even know :-) There was a Forum called "vbClassified". It was one way to view classified ad's. View image in gallery We have the lovely left hand column for ad's and a forum in "Tools...
  18. froglips

    Classified Ad: Possible policy violation

    Ugh, I swear I'm being drawn to these things like a cookie to a cold glass of milk... Policy: Ads may not contain links to off-site auction sites or public sales websites, but may include links to personal or reference...
  19. M

    need to post classified

    I get a message saying "you aren't allowed to post a classified until you have five posts". I think I have five posts. What do I do to get permission to post a classified for my old radial arm saw? Thanks.:eusa_thin

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