1. Morris Chair 2

    Morris Chair 2

    A Pair of Morris Chairs
  2. Chair


  3. SANY00181


  4. SANY0017


  5. PChristy

    Natural finish for a rocking chair

    A lady asked me yesterday what would be a good outside finish to put on her rocker - it will be on a covered porch and she wants to keep it natural - she talked about putting poly on but I told her that I wasn't sure but I didn't think that would be good - I told her that I knew where I could...
  6. D

    chair makers?

    Wondering how many of you have made chairs similar to John Alexander, Brian Boggs, etc? How did you get started? How long does the process take? Did you make your own shave horse? etc etc etc.
  7. R

    High Chair

    Has anybody out there ever built one of these chairs? It is called a KinderZeat. :BangHead: Wife seen it and now I must build it.
  8. algustaf

    Stickley chair gloat

    I found this the other day for $150. It is a L & JG Stickley rocker circa 1912-1920. Unfortunately it has been refinished, I am however still so happy to have a piece of Stickley Arts&Crafts / Mission style furniture on my poor man's budget. This is the type of furniture that inspired me to...
  9. The Pheonix chair

    The Pheonix chair

    The chair the rose out of a fire
  10. bluthart

    HELP! Rubber Chair Moulding Needed!

    I have an old desk chair I am refinishing, and there is a slit along the front of the seat that has a rubbery 1/2 " wide "moulding" to prevent the front andcorners from being dinged up. Can anyone tell me where I can find such a thing? I struck out at woodcraft. Thank you!
  11. timf67

    Restoring OLD chair

    A while back I posted this pic of an old chair that my wife got when her grandfather passed last year: Well, I used some of the good advice from this site and cleaned it up with DNA, Mineral spirits and Lacquer thinner. My wife wanted to keep the rustic look, so I didn't do any sanding or...
  12. Old Chair

    Old Chair

    Old Chair Rush Seat Weaving
  13. Old Chair

    Old Chair

    Old Chair Rush Seat Weaving
  14. Old Chair

    Old Chair

    Old Chair Rush Seat Weaving
  15. Old Chair

    Old Chair

    Old Chair Rush Seat Weaving
  16. Old Chair

    Old Chair

    Old Chair Rush Seat Weaving
  17. Touchwood

    Rocking Chair Physics

    Hi All, Over the past couple of years a number of you have asked how I came up with the right curve for the rockers in my a stable curve so when someone plops down in the rocker, it doesn't just roll and dump them out backwards. After much research I've found the mathematical...
  18. timf67

    Need to re-reed and refinish an old chair

    My wife got an old chair from her grandfather's farm when he passed away about a year ago. She wants me to "fix it up". Not sure what I should do with it? :icon_scra I have posted a picture below. The chair appears to be made of pine with a woven reed seat. Most of the finish on the wood...
  19. Old Chair

    Old Chair

  20. Teak Chair

    Teak Chair

    Teak Chair

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