1. The only one! In The World, Today.

    The only one! In The World, Today.

    Never made untill? Dr Hemingway set about carving it, in 2005, finnished in 2010? ( slight Dew Back! 23-1-2007? Arson Fire, at Thomas Chippendale Furnitiure Ltd. Note: On 12-11-2012, Dr Hemingway as deposited: New Huddersfield County Court, Statement of Truth, Unlimited...
  2. Morris Chair

    Morris Chair

    QSWO Bow Arm Morris Chair. Finished with aniline dye, oil glaze and 4 coats of 321. Total of 44 tenons: 4 through tenons, 12 floating tenons and 28 traditional mortise and tenon joints. Leather seats by Superior Finishing in Waynesville, NC
  3. IMG_036551


    Cypress Adirondack and Sling chair
  4. Cayo Chair

    Cayo Chair

    While on vacation in Belize I noticed these beach chairs everywhere and wanted to try my hand at one. No plans, just photos to go from complicated the process but the finished product came out just fine. They look uncomfortable but the look is deceiving.
  5. Chippendale Chairs

    Chippendale Chairs

    Cherry Chippendale Chairs, with Padauk hardwood inlay.
  6. Front porch chair (cypress)

    Front porch chair (cypress)

  7. Chair


    I used pine for the chair, and stained it with a mahogany stain. Did it last summer mostly using a Dremel Trio. Really glad to have a jig saw now.
  8. T

    Recommendations for a comfortable rocking chair

    Hey guys, Need some recommendations - I want to build a nice rocking chair... The wife needs something nice to rock the babies in.... Unfortunately, the "Boughten" sorts are either permanently upholstered (AKA Spitup catcher) or Horribly uncomfortable... or crazy expensive. What's your...
  9. J

    Mending a dining chair

    I want to fix a dining room chair for a friend, but I'm not sure how to proceed. :dontknow: The seat base has a major split/crack from front to back, but not to the point that the chair is gonna collapse. I'm thinking about using a couple of butterfly "mending" plates. I've seen these, but...
  10. Nolan Dinning Room Chair

    Nolan Dinning Room Chair

    This chair was custom made for a customer in Naples Florida . These chairs were made out of ribbon striped Mahogany.
  11. Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    This is my signature Morris Chair in Cherry.
  12. Maloof Low Back Chair

    Maloof Low Back Chair

    Walnut with ebony accents.
  13. IMG_03654


    Cypress Sling chair and Adirondack chair
  14. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof Low Back Side Chair Completed

    I completed my Maloof Low back side chair using walnut and ebony accents as described in the thread Coopered seats in How To forum). Attached are a few photos of the finished product.Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome and look of the finished chair. lesson learned, invest in better...
  15. Children's Chair parts - free to a good home (complete)

    Children's Chair parts - free to a good home (complete)

    This is a chair that was falling apart before I disassembled it. I was planning to use it as a pattern to make more. Free to a good home.
  16. Maloof low back chair back view

    Maloof low back chair back view

  17. Maloof Low back chair front view

    Maloof Low back chair front view

  18. Maloof low back chair side view

    Maloof low back chair side view

    Rough shaping almost complete, ready for sanding
  19. Front view with arms

    Front view with arms

  20. Side view with arms

    Side view with arms

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