1. Walnut and Wenge Recurve Bow

    Walnut and Wenge Recurve Bow

    Takedown Recurve Bow made with Curly English Walnut and Wenge with Maple striping, finished with boiled linseed oil and 4 coats of urethane. Draws 40# at 28".
  2. Bow Box

    Bow Box

  3. Bow Box

    Bow Box

  4. Bow Box

    Bow Box

  5. Morris Chair

    Morris Chair

    QSWO Bow Arm Morris Chair. Finished with aniline dye, oil glaze and 4 coats of 321. Total of 44 tenons: 4 through tenons, 12 floating tenons and 28 traditional mortise and tenon joints. Leather seats by Superior Finishing in Waynesville, NC
  6. Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    This is my signature Morris Chair in Cherry.
  7. kooshball

    Anyone tried the Bow Clamp Caul?

    has anyone here tried these: they look pretty useful but can two clamps distribute enough force to glue up 48" hardwood panels? THX
  8. KenOfCary

    Hickory Bow Saw

    I finally finished my Gramercy Bow Saw kit. The kit consists of the pins and three different blades for the saw. I made mine out of Hickory that I got from Jack (saw4you) and some Mahogany that I got from Andy (carvedtones) for helping him move some cut-off pieces he bought. I used the...
  9. Bow Saw

    Bow Saw

  10. Bow Saw

    Bow Saw

    Hickory Bow Saw w/Mahogany Handles from Gramercy kit
  11. P1010460


  12. 16" bow saw

    16" bow saw

    16" Bow saw
  13. tools: travisher and curved plane

    tools: travisher and curved plane

    seat carving tools
  14. 02blues

    Bow saw failure

    Hi. My name is John. I am a bow saw failure.:eusa_doh: I've said it. Its not helping and I need some help! I have a larger bow saw (partially) seen in this photo. Sometimes I can drive it other times I cant. :BangHead: The thinner blade width I would think would be good for curves. Looks...
  15. Matt Schnurbusch

    1/2" bow in wall

    I am nearing the end of a laundry room makeover for my SIL, and right at the last of it I ran into an issue. She wants white counter tops installed for the folding area. I measured the length and had them fabricated. What I failed to take into account was the drastic bow in the long wall. So...
  16. M

    Must wear dickie bow in woodshop

    Also a nice jacket. Check out page 637: This is a page from Popular Mechanics from 1933 that shows how to coil up your band saw blades. (I think the safest way to uncoil them is throw it on the ground, btw, in case you don't know that already) Be prepared for a...
  17. N

    Got a bow in my stock

    Hi all, I'm new and just seeking some advice on how to deal with red oak plywood and solid stock forming a bow after ripping on the table saw. The pieces are small - the ply is 3/4" x 2-1/4", solid stock 1"x 1-1/4". After ripping these pieces they got a considerable bow in them. I need to run...
  18. Phil S

    Steam-bending and bow making demo delayed

    Folks, Andy (carved tunes) and I earlier announced a joint steam-bending and bow making demo/workshop at my shop on Oct 3 - It must be postponed until further notice. My wife is still recuperating from a very painful shattered vertebra and I am her nurse-that may explain her long recovery...
  19. timf67

    Child size bow?

    I saw that a few of you on here a bowyers. My 4 year old son is going through a "Robin Hood" phase and every stick he can find becomes his "bow" or arrow. I was wondering if any of you bowyers make or would make a child size bow - more as a toy than a working bow. I would even be willing to...
  20. PChristy

    Finally a pic of the BOW bottle stopper(update)

    I tried to update the other thread that I started but couldn't find where you could edit the title - This is a couple of the BOW stoppers that I turned the one that is assembled is the one that stopped about a 32nd before being tight against the bottom - it has CA glue in it This is the...

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