1. kooshball

    which poly for 1/3 poly, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 mineral spirits

    I am going to mix up a wiping varnish using a mix of poly, BLO and mineral spirits but which poly is best for this purpose? THX
  2. Larry Rose

    BLO & Weather?

    I've finished building SWMBO a potting bench out of cypress. I like the look that BLO gives the cypress or any wood for that matter. My question is how weather resistant is it? The bench will be kept under a carport that is semi sheltered. However rain can blow under it in storms. It's not...
  3. timf67

    BLO with Beall Buff a NO-NO?

    Okay, so I was trying out my new Beall 3-on buff the other night (stealth gloat - sorry no pics yet) and the directions said not to use BLO before buffing. It recommended Minwax Antique oil, Watco, or Tung Oil. Does anyone know why BLO isn't recommended?
  4. LeftyTom

    BLO Not Drying

    I used a foam brush to wipe BLO on three cauls I made out of oak. After 5 mins, I wiped off any excess. 24hrs later, I touch the wood, and see BLO on my fingers. I wiped them down a second time, and 12 hours later, BLO still comes off on touch. My workshop is in my basement, which is dry and...
  5. benwise

    stain over BLO?

    hi there, I just put on my first coat of BLO on one of my trestles for a walnut dining rooms table I'm makin', and the BLO highlighted a small area of wood glue overage around a joint. (I thought I had sanded this all off, but alas...) Anyways, can I put a small amount of dark oil-based stain...
  6. Scwood

    BLO finish

    I made this little desk top pen holder out of Amboyna Burl and I'm thinking about putting BLO on it.I would also like to maybe put some pre-cat lacquer over the oil.If that does not work what would go over the BLO and hold up? I have only used BLO with the ca glue finish and really like how the...
  7. Tar Heel

    BLO question

    I have built a jewlery box for a neighbor using some barn wood she got from her father. It is heart pine and the 1st coat of BLO really popped the grain. I am going to finish it with about 3 coats of shellac. Would a 2nd coat of BLO really accomplish anything before using the shellac? :dontknow:
  8. Glennbear

    BLO curing

    Silly question of the day. :icon_scra I'll spare the gory details but due to conditions beyond my control a Christmas project was delayed and now it is crunch time.:confused_ I had intended to use a BLO finish sealed with brushing lacquer and it is my understanding that the BLO needs to be fully...
  9. Bryan S

    How long to let BLO cure?

    I got a coat of BLO on the entertainment center today. The directions on the can say 24 hrs but seams like I've read other places to wait 3 days and can't find where I've read it. This project has taken me so long to conplete I'm getting itchy to get a finsh on it and get it in the house...
  10. TracyP

    Best Top Coat Over BLO?

    I am going to finish some ash end tables with BLO and was wondering what would the best top coat to put over it. I would like to spray it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten some suggestions of poly or lacquer. I want to darken the wood a little but not a great...
  11. JRD

    BLO and Poly

    Perhaps this is too simple a question for most folks but I've only started using BLO. Can BLO be topped with polyurethane finishes. I'm using the BLO to "pop" the grain, and now want to put a gloss poly over it. Any problems doing so? Jim
  12. DaveO

    BLO question ?????

    I am using BLO to enhance the curly figure of the Maple in my recipe box. Would another application of it continue to "pop" the grain, or is it a waste of time? I noticed when I got home today that the figure isn't as pronounced as it was last night, after I first applied the BLO??? I really...

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