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  1. Shamrock

    $1 bd/ft lumber liquidation sale!

    Hey Folks-time to thin down the herd a bit-these are lots I recently acquired on a bulk lumber purchase where I only really wanted the butternut for sale. Sooo..... who's ready for some great deals: 1st up : 76 bd/ft of S2S 3/4" thick cherry (I'd say in between #1 common and fas quality)...
  2. Shamrock

    For Sale $2 bd/ft black walnut

    Here's a steal - 6 walnut boards for $96 bucks Dimensions are as follows: #1 13w x 1 1/4 t x 62 #2 12w x 7/8 t x 72 #3 12w x 1 t x 108 #4 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #5 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #6 12 w x 1 t x 108 #3 and 4 are flitch cut sequentials as are #5 and #6 These dimensions...
  3. eyekode

    White Oak 4/4 and 8/4 - .75 per bd/ft

    I know you guys can (and do) read craigslist but I had to post this one: He just finished building a porch with this some of this wood (looks great by the way). I drove out and met Paul today. A really nice guy and the wood is nice too :)...
  4. Ken Massingale

    Salem SC, Red Oak $0.70 Bd/Ft Green

    "4/4 Red oak #1 common and better ( appr. 30% FAS) green, on sticks in the dry for 2 months. $700 per 1000 board feet. We can Kiln dry this for for a total of $820 per 1000 board feet. 500' min."
  5. Shamrock

    8/4 European Beech for $2.89 bd/ft!!!!

    Hey folks, Anybody looking to build a workbench soon might want to check this out. I was at Horizon Forest Products in Charlotte today and they have a gorgeous pallet of 8/4 Europeen beech. This stuff is straight grained with a color very similar to hard maple. It's stiffness and impact...

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