air dried

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    Lenoir: air dried lumber for sale l I have an ad on craigslist for rough sawn air dried outside lumber with many more pictures there. Lots of ash, maple, poplar. A little less oak. The best lumber is cherry. No walnut...
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    Can you air dry wood to make furniture

    I'm new to the site and pretty new to woodworking. I had been spending the money to go to lowes and get your overpriced lumber but recently I purchased a planer and have been researching rough sawn lumber. I realize I will need to make a planing sled since I don't have a jointer but here is my...
  3. A

    Using local air dried cedar - advice?

    I have an opportunity to acquire some locally harvested cedar. Looking for opinions on how I should proceed. The wood was cut about 10 years ago and has been stored semi-outside (basically in a covered lean-to) under tarp since then. It does not appear to have been stickered - just a pile of...

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