1. Truefire

    How to add select members from NCWW to "your contact's"

    Is anyone familiar with how one can add select members to the 'your contacts' underneath the community tab? I have contacts saved there and at one point it seemed straightforward and simple but now I cannot seem to find any such function to do so. Thanks for your help.
  2. D

    Adding business to sawyer's page

    How do I add my business to the sawyer's page?
  3. S

    Nova 1624 - adding variable speed - Followup

    Nova 1624 – adding variable speed – followup. My original article had over 1500+ views between all the forums – so thought I’d do a quick followup. So far, all pro and no con. The motor/VFD combo performs well, and in many ways goes beyond my initial expectations. The...
  4. S

    Nova 1624 - adding variable speed

    Links to my article on Nova 1624 variable speed. Link to article on Remote Box for VFD.
  5. R

    Adding An Extender to Polyacrylic Coatings

    As a professional furniture refinisher, I was anxious to take advantage of the benefits of the water-based coatings now available. One of the primary complaints about Polyacrylic and other waterborne products, is the fast drying (sometimes too fast) and brush marks that are very difficult to...
  6. dwg426

    Adding Dust Collector

    I recently purchased a Woodtek 1 1/2 horse power dust collector. Would like input into leaving it mobile or installing ducting. If I install ducting type and size recommendations. My shop is 24 x 24. Any other tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.
  7. erasmussen

    frame mitered segment part 3 adding rings and turning

    Frame mitered segment Part 3 adding rings and turning Now that we have the base ready its time to add the segmented rings and turn. The base has been turned flat and smoothed, the first ring has also been flattened and smoothed on one side. I apply tb2 to the ring then rub it on...
  8. steviegwood

    Adding a short video clip to post

    Hi Everyone, I have a short video clip that I would like to share with you all but I can't seem to figure out how to upload it into a post. It is of some very young ladies singing our National Anthem. If someone could help explain how to upload this or I can email it to you for uploading if that...
  9. Bas

    Adding a support for flip-up shelf

    I built a cabinet (32" high, 22" wide, 18" deep). On either side, it will have a shelf that flips up. Each shelf is attached to the cabinet via a piano hinge, and is 24" long and 10" wide. Although quite different from what I built, the following picture will give you an idea of the wing...
  10. M

    [Problem-Other] Problem adding sawyer to list

    Followed the directions provided by the administrator attempting to add a sawyer to the list in Eastern NC. Clicked on the "Edit this page" and it just takes me back to the original screen. Is it a problem w/my system or is there another way to add another source?? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  11. Bas

    The incredible binary marble adding machine (made out of wood!)

    Big title, small post -> Watch the video.
  12. Ralrick

    Powermatic Tablesaw - adding an extension

    I just bought a powermatic 64 tablesaw with the 30" Biesemeyer fence. I need to add an extension to complete the right side of the table between the rails. I can order one from powermatic but it is $136 and it just a laminate top. Are there aftermarket extensions that will fit this saw or it...
  13. cskipper

    Adding meetings to calendar

    Would someone from each regional woodworking group post your meeting dates, times and meeting locations on the calendar. We'd like to try to get to some of your meetings and knowing the dates ahead of time would give us an opportunity to plan (gasp) a road trip. Thanks.

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