1. jonnyfontaine

    Which wide drum sander is best

    Hi, I am looking into buying a new wide drum sander. The two that i'm most focused on at the moment are the JET 16-32 and the Performax 19-38. Other sanders I'm looking at are; Performax 19/38 1.75hp 110v 0-10fpm accuracy 0.01 lots of good reviews $1399.00 JET 10/32 1.5hp 110v 0-10fpm separate...
  2. Ed Fasano

    Miter Saw Help Needed

    Miter saw help, please. I’m stumped. My Delta 36-225 10” compound (non-sliding) miter saw, equipped with sharp Freud LU85 is producing 90-dgree cuts that are crowned. What I’m calling a crown amounts to a cut that curves ever-so slightly outwards from the edge closest to the fence, reversing its...
  3. N

    How accurate should a jointer fence be?

    The basic question is how much cupping and bowing in a jointer fence is an acceptable amount?:icon_scra Being basically a newbie I'm collecting what tools I can afford (and will fit in my one-car garage). Jet's 8" jointer/planer was too good to pass up. The price ($299.99) was right and it got...
  4. CarvedTones

    setting a lousy fence with high accuracy

    Don't do this: Do this: That's my $6 HF caliper, but a more expensive one may work just as well :rolf:. Put the fence tight against the blade, measure over both (be sure you are over the teeth if the tips have overhang) and zero the caliper. Now move the fence slowly out to the size you...
  5. V

    digital accuracy

    Has anyone tried any of the digital systems made by Accurate Technology? They make instruments for saws and routers with the names digi-router, digi-fence etc. And they are made right here in N.C.

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