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  1. mquan01

    Repair to a "water based clear coat"

    i would contact them and ask what exactly is used for the finish.
  2. mquan01

    Band Saw - Minimax S45 - 18" Bandsaw - $600 (Charlotte, NoDa)

    I can pick it up and store it if needed...
  3. mquan01

    Honing Guide Help

    You need to take the Mike Davis sharpening workshop
  4. mquan01

    Chair for a toddler

    My take on your design. I should have rounded the top pieces to match the bottom.
  5. mquan01

    Moving to Matthews

    +1 to Brendan. however his lumber is not kiln dried as to Kyle in Matt's previous post, he has retired Also on Facbook, look up Reclaim Rodney (33rd and Tryon). He has a great selection but his lumber is also not kiln dried.
  6. mquan01

    Asheville's 5th Year Anniversary Sale!

    I wont be able to make this one. Have fun...
  7. mquan01

    2020 Raffle tickets are now on sale.

    Just brought my first batch...
  8. mquan01

    Chair for a toddler

    Could I get the dimensions of the individual pieces? This looks like a good project to try new skills.
  9. mquan01

    RECEIVED: 35mm SLR MANUAL camera for college kid

    We have two you can have
  10. mquan01

    What kind of caulk is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of caulk this is?
  11. mquan01

    Woodmaster 725 drumsander

  12. mquan01

    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    My parents have one of these. There is an elongated pIece of brass that had hooks on each end. These hooks went over a dowel and then caught on it to open an close the doors. I Wil try to find a picture
  13. mquan01

    Change comes with time

    I use the same ones as Mike and Ken. It only takes 10 minutes to remove the ballast and rewire them.
  14. mquan01

    Charlotte stuff for sale

    He will be selling individual items.
  15. mquan01

    LOADS of WOOD @ ReStore Wilkesboro

    From their website posted 1/22 Wilkes Habitat for Humanity ReStore January 22 at 12:00 PM · Oak, maple, cherry, and more! Many sizes and species to choose from
  16. mquan01

    Charlotte stuff for sale

    The usual, not mine, don't know they guy etc. Talked to Mark. he is going to get more pics and prices on Saturday. He is actually located in Kannapolis. Facebook Marketplace: Wood working shop - Tools - Charlotte, North Carolina Tools For Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina | Facebook...
  17. mquan01

    Festool ROS?

    Thanks for all the replies. My wife wants me to get one of these for health reasons, just trying to figure out what is the best way to go
  18. mquan01

    Festool ROS?

    Do all of you use a sander from the same vendor or can you intermix them
  19. mquan01

    Festool ROS?

    is the dust extractor that much better than a shop vac with a hepa filter?
  20. mquan01

    Props to Zoro Tools

    Thanks. Go Pack!

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