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    Mother of neccessity Chisel Plane

    Thanks Oka, I'd have never thought of doing it that way! Next time I need a chisel plane, at least I'll have some idea on how to.
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    Staining Mahogany

    Bob - Agreed on why staining is so common on commerical work. THere are project pics to come... but I am working on a 'now works from home' desk for my wife. The material is all re-purposed from the trim work discarded in a reno of the law office (a Phil Soper NCWW special giveaway from a few...
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    Staining Mahogany

    Willem When I saw your title I really wondered what the context of your question or comment was going to be. Can't answer your question , but I have a similar one. I recently refinished a portion of a desk for a client. He said it was solid cherry, and I thought that might have been...
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    Federal Card Table -- Finished Pictures

    Outstanding work. Definitely an inspiration. Is that a veneered face on the front skirt? Or a solid stock piece? beautiful.
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    RDU CL - Walker Turner 10" Table Saw - $75

    not mine, but I am tempted. please someone else buy this! Posted mid - Monday afternoon. Henry _________________________________________________________ Walker Turner 10" Table Saw - tools - by owner - sale Walker Turner 10" Table Saw - $75 image 3 of 3 Manufacturer: Walker Turner model...
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    First cutting board

    Wow! Nice work.
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    Need Another Small Piece of Wood

    And if you need a tad more than 3/4" 'square' from a pen blank (and only a 1/4" thick), the diagonal will allow for this. Of course the grain pattern may differ, but for your purposes that MAY not matter.
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    Easy Turning Ideas

    Note - the 'reply with quote' feature was not working when I wrote this so I am manually entering Ed's text. Ed wrote: " I’ve been working to become a better turner for 20 years. On a scale of one to ten and on a good day, I’ve gotten to perhaps 6.5. I enjoy the near-instant gratification and...
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    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    Well Jack seems to have said it best :):D (and succinnctly).
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    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    Roof/ceiling insulation is most important, then walls. If you are planning AC or heat in there, even with a un-insulated end wall (door), I would expect this would be worth the effort/expense. The longer you stay there the more worth it this will be. If this is a multi-year occupancy place...
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    GarretWade Carpenters bench - $125 (Belhaven)

    If it weren't in Belhaven I might be interested. Just acquiring that end vice would likely set you back that much.
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    RDU CL - 14” DELTA BANDSAW - $389

    not mine, not endorsing... posted on CL 6 days ago. I re-posted here, but on the wrong Forum. No win the correct forum. Henry _________ 14” DELTA BANDSAW - tools - by owner - sale 14” DELTA BANDSAW - $389 image 2 of 2 make / manufacturer: DELTA 14” DELTA BANDSAW w/NEW KREG FENCE, 2...
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    Belt Disc Sander

    Robert I have an floor stand version of this - mine is a generic model, likely from Grainger. I use mine a lot - anything from sharpening my turning tools for the lathe, to multiple sanding tasks for furniture and boxes. Mine is 9" disc and a 6x48" belt . Before I got mine, I wondered how...
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    My Coronavirus response

    Jim I try to choose my own projects as opportunities to try something new, so I like your thinking. I also enjoy the challenge of using existing materials, or re-purposing materials. On drawer construction, just be sure that this will be a box that will hold together. Larger dresser drawers...
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    My Coronavirus response

    Nice 'isolated' work Jim. What's the drawer plan? I think I will end up being able to tackle and maybe finish some of those projects on my list too. Time will tell 'how isolated' I need to be, and for how long.
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    RDU CL - Grizzly 13" Planer - $425 (Willow Spring)

    not mine, etc etc Grizzly planer, floor model, 13" Henry ______________________________ Grizzly Planer - tools - by owner - sale Grizzly Planer - $425 (Willow Spring) image 1 of 3 13" Grizzly planer model G1037Z. Comes with rolling stand. Runs on 110 or 220. I bought used to do wood...
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    RDU CL - Festool TSC55REB & 55" Festool Track - $595 (Wake Forest / Rolesville)

    not mine, not endorsing, yada, yada A Festool under $2k ?!?! ... yep I'm jumping (actually not). Does look like a reasonable price, for a festool tracksaw (cordless). Henry __________________________________ Festool TSC55REB & 55" Festool Track - tools - by owner - sale Festool TSC55REB &...
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    Wincester Plane Replacement Blades

    I am sooo much NOT an expert (and I hate to admit this, but...) that i don't even know all the names of the plane parts. So this is just my gut response. I stress: No disrespect or offense is intended! These are simply my stupid questions and ponderings because I truly don't know any better...
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    RDU CL - Grizzly G9922 Oscillating Sander - $75 (Littleton, NC) (deleted, presumably SOLD)

    EDIT - posting deleted, presumably SOLD) end EDIT Not mine, not endorsing, .... Grizzly floor model OSS - looks like a deal if you are in the market for one. No idea about pros or cons of this particular model. Henry ______________________ Grizzly G9922 Oscillating Sander - tools - by owner -...
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    Drill Press Table?

    I too move my DP table often - at least most times when I do use my DP. I too would like a larger table. My guess is that the larger table interferes with the crank to raise and lower the table. If so, design a opening in the (larger) worktable surface that allows turning of the crank and...

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